Karagomruk sacked Pirlo. Club: “We can’t go on”

Karagomruk sacked Pirlo.  Club: “We can’t go on”

The former black and white team came back from three straight stops. The club’s ambitions centered around Europe. The divorce has just become official

Andrea Pirlo’s adventure on Fatih Karagumruk’s seat came to an end after less than a year. The Turkish club, which returned from three consecutive defeats in the league, decided, by mutual agreement with the Italian coach, to sever the relationship between the two parties in advance, just three days before the end of the season.

Pirlo had moved to Istanbul on June 12, 2022, eager for a new adventure off the bench, the second after one with Juventus in 2020-2021.


Karagumruk patron Süleyman Hurma has always been a sweet spot for Serie A, and aside from players Viviano, Peracci, Borini and Bertolacci, he has already entrusted the team’s leadership to another Italian, the rookie, during his experience as president. Francesco Farioli. Last summer, Pirlo signed an annual contract, eager to show off after leaving the black and white comfort zone. The company had aspired, within a few seasons, to qualify for the European Cup, but the performance of the past few months has proven to be below expectations. Karagumruk is currently ranked ninth in the standings with 44 points, 19 less than Adana de Montila (fourth) and 30 less than Beşiktaş, mathematically qualified for the next edition of the Conference League. The divorce has been in the air for some time: although the contract expired on June 30, both parties have already announced it. “Since there are no conditions to continue with coach Pirlo and his staff during the next season, the club has authorized the coach to leave the team early, hoping that this decision will help him better plan his future – reads the official website of Karagomruk -. We are very happy that we have spent a year with Andrea and we thank him for Job done. Good luck!”

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