Science and research, the effects of the war in Ukraine will be devastating

Science and research, the effects of the war in Ukraine will be devastating

The war in Ukraine alienated Russia from the West, and this is true in the political and economic context as well as in the context of Science Based on search activity. Cooperation is frozen untilComplete and unconditional removal of illegal penalties”, as in the case of Roscosmos with ISS or CERN partners. But in general The effects of this stop can be seen laterand being passive enough to believe that the work done so far may be at risk.

CERN Accelerator in Geneva. In this area, too, you will miss the relations between Russia and the Western world.

Reuters cites the example of the Northeast Science Station on the Kolyma River in Siberia: Scientists from all over the world have arrived here to study climate change, and now funding, as well as (basic) surveys at the site, have been banned. Interruption of measurements means incomplete historical data, which in turn translates into fragmentary information that is not very useful for scientific study.

In general we talk about Tens of millions of dollars in lost, blocked, or even canceled funding Sanctions imposed by the Western world (initially Europe): a situation that, according to some scholars, could be jeopardized especially in Areas such as the ecoregion and climate change studies that Russian knowledge And Russian lands Indispensable for research purposes. An example above all is permafrost: “Two-thirds of the permafrost is located in Russia‘,” explains Ted Shore of the Permafrost Carbon Network at Northern Arizona University. The translation means: If you take Russia out of research, the scientific world as a whole will pay the consequences.

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Foreign funding is considered essential by the Russian scientific community, especially in areas such as ecology. In fact, the Russian government allocates only 1% of its GDP to research and development, devoting it mainly to space technology and nuclear energy projects. Prevent cooperation with the United States and the European Union It seriously endangers the fate of the search, and not only the fate of Russia.

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