Scandal and controversy in Andorra due to the trap of the “King of OnlyFans”

Scandal and controversy in Andorra due to the trap of the “King of OnlyFans”

A massive controversy erupted in Andorra when it became known that Sergio Fuentes was a self-proclaimed douchebag Rey d'Only Fans He obtained a residence permit and worked in Andorra as an employee, thus avoiding foreign investment regulations requiring a deposit of €50,000.

Fuentes used the trap of entering the country as an employee of another company, and once inside, after obtaining a residence permit, the business activity begins. This practice is not illegal at all, but it is considered a loophole in the law.

Exactly yesterday, Concordia called for a legislative change to ensure that freelancers in Andorra comply with the €50,000 deposit requirement. Concordia's proposal is to amend immigration law, with the aim of requiring foreign wage workers to reside and work for six months in Andorra, before they can form a self-employed business.

This quasi-fraudulent system is very common, but in the case of Sergio Fuentes it became controversial when he explained it publicly on the La Sexta program. Fuentes, who is accused of pimping, broadcasts his show from an apartment in Escaldes.

OnlyFans is a social network where a person opens a paywall and their followers can pay them to watch their content. Content that is usually pornographic, as Sergio Fuentes discovered in the TV show. He explained that he keeps 50% of the profits of the girls he “represents” on this social network, and said: “By definition, if it is prostitution and I do it, then yes, I am a pimp.”

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