Possible ISIS attacks in six months

The Deputy Secretary of Defense in Congress paints a grim picture based on information collected by the United States 007 after the withdrawal of the last American forces from Acceptance.

ISIS Khorasan fighters are in fact preparing to make a big leap with an offensive beyond the borders of Afghanistan, with the possibility of an attack. Even directly on American soil. However, Cal explained, for the time being for US services, the risk of attacks at home remains at the lowest level since September 11, 2001.

“The intelligence community considers this,” the senior Pentagon official said Al-Qaeda policy They have the intent to conduct foreign operations, including against the United States, but they do not currently have the capacity. However, ISIS-K could reach this capability at any time in six or twelve months, while Al-Qaeda is in a year or two.”

“We are absolutely confident and we should Be fully alert Against this possibility,” Cale added, stressing that the terrorist groups involved should not be left unchecked. The words of the US Deputy Secretary of Defense highlight the concern that has long been spreading not only in Washington but in general Western capitals.

While the debate about the consequences of the dramatic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after twenty years of conflict remains. “The war as we have known it so far is over, but The threat of terrorism remainsCale concluded his testimony.

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