What it is and how you can defend yourself

What it is and how you can defend yourself

Italy is one of the countries that suffers the most cyber attacks: how to counter the work of cyber criminals as much as possible.

Cyberattacks by cybercriminals are spreading in Italy (Pianetacellore.it)

Even in Italy, especially in recent years, more and more people have learned to use technological tools and thus surf the web. The online world is certainly an exceptional resource And continuing developments – including artificial intelligence – make this experience even more useful and engaging. However, as anyone who has surfed the web for any length of time knows, we should always be wary of cybercriminals: Hacker attacks They pose a constant threat.

Cyber ​​attacks and Italy on its knees: what does the report say?

Recently, technological advances have allowed the creation of… Increasingly valid defense systems to counter criminal attempts by hackers. However, despite great efforts in this direction, cyber attacks still represent a real epidemic today.

Hackers specifically target manufacturing (Pianetaculare.it)

Italy, according to some investigations, is one of the countries that suffers most from the actions of cybercriminals. On the other hand, this happens almost every day we hear about it Scams and fraud against users Or the spread of malware, or perhaps the websites of public bodies being blocked for hours.

But what causes this high percentage? In addition to a collective technological culture that still has a lot to grow, the prevailing impression is that the structures of many IT systems still need something to do.

The focus was specifically on this aspect Closet Reportthat is, research in the field of information technology that has highlighted how the critical issues of many systems – primarily the Italian system – are troubling.

The report identifies how important it is that steps have also been taken forward in Italy to try to tackle the actions of cybercriminals in the best possible way. But unfortunately, This commitment is still insufficient To reduce the phenomenon. You only need to look at the data to understand that there is still a lot of work to be done.

To breach security systems, the preferred channel is still malware

In fact, in the last two years, Cyber ​​attacks in Italy increased by 12%. According to the report, the sector that suffered most from the criminal actions of hackers is the manufacturing sector, which was affected by 25% of cases. This aspect also raises concerns, given that the sector in question is one of the most important in our country.

What techniques do cybercriminals mainly use to hack security systems? Studies highlight that the preferential channel Malware remains: This is why you should always pay close attention to the apps you download, the websites you visit, suspicious emails and messages (especially if they invite you to click on links) etc.

Organizations are called upon to intervene in a concrete way, also because the now uncontested spread of artificial intelligence can make life easier for hackers.

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