Four bodies appear in a house in the historic center

Four bodies appear in a house in the historic center

An attempt is made to solve the mystery Tuesday night in Toledo. the Spanish National Police It investigates the appearance of four bodies, a woman and three men, in a house in the historic center of the city ToledoAs reported by the European News Agency on Tuesday, citing sources from the Spanish government delegation. The local press reported that the house in which the bodies were found was located on the coast of Santa Leucadia. The scientific police collect evidence to be able to investigate the event. No further details have yet emerged about what happened, although some information indicates that the bodies may have been dead for days. There were no signs of violence inside the house.

Quoted from municipal sources toledodiario.comHe explained that municipal firefighters and local police, in addition to national and municipal health personnel Community of Madrid. In addition, the city's mayor, Carlos Velasquez, also traveled to the area.

The discovery is yet to happenA wake-up call from someone in a dead person's inner circleWho hasn't been heard from since last Friday.

The first versions collected from personnel who attended the emergency indicate that this is the body It was in an advanced state of decompositionand can be compatible with a person around 60 years old.

The house is in order

In addition, as the agency confirmed, on the ground where the bodies appeared There is no obvious disturbance. Medical examiners are already working in the area. The four bodies were distributed one in one room, another in a second accommodation, and two together in the same cabin.

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The investigation began at 20 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

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