Saudi Arabia is on alert and informed: an imminent attack from Iran

Saudi Arabia is on alert and informed: an imminent attack from Iran

The alert level has been raised. Saudi Arabia has exchanged intelligence information with the United States, warning of an “imminent” attack by Iran against targets in the kingdom and the Middle East, including Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. according to “The Wall Street JournalWhich was quoted by Saudi and American officials that Riyadh, Washington and other countries raised the alert level among their military forces in response to the warning, but no further details were provided.

Attack to distract attention from internal appearances – Where confirmed, planned attacks will be aimed at distracting attention Demonstrations have been taking place in Iran for weeks And for which countries such as the United States and Saudi Arabia will be responsible, according to Tehran. The White House National Security Council said it was concerned about the warnings and said it was ready to respond “in defense of interests and partners in the region.” Iran immediately accused the United States, some European countries, Israel and Saudi Arabia of being behind the protests against Mohassa Amini, which began after the girl’s death on September 16 after her arrest. Because she wasn’t wearing the hijab properly.

Iran has also been accused of arming Russia – The United States and Great Britain also accused the Tehran regime of continuing to arm Putin’s Russia. The new threat will be in the alleged supply of short-range ballistic missiles. The United States has not yet been able to confirm this possibility but remains “concerned”. “We remain concerned about the potential supply of surface-to-surface missiles to Russia from Iran. We have not received confirmation yet, but we are concerned,” noted John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications for the National Security Council at the White House. Iranian ballistic missiles can be deployed on the northern border of Ukraine. The spokesman for the Air Force in Kyiv, Yuri Ignat, said that the Ukrainian armed forces would not be able to defend themselves. “We will use all means of protection against these missiles. It is likely that they will be delivered to northern Ukraine, where they can threaten the whole country,” he explained, speaking of missiles with a range of “300 km” and “700 km”. And a warning: “We do not have an effective defense. Theoretically it is possible to shoot them down, but in reality it is very difficult to do it with the means at our disposal. We have air defense, not missile defense,” he explained, estimating that Russia ordered missiles for Iran “because supplies from Iskander have run out.”

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