Solving the mystery of the masked man who poured 60,000 liters of wine from a prestigious winery

The owner of the Ceiba 21 winery in Castrillo de Duero, Valladolid, was clear from day one that the person recorded on camera entering the building wearing a hood and emptying three tanks of wine worth more than two and a half million euros. He knew exactly what he was doing..

It was not a robbery, because nothing else was missing from the building, and it was enough to see the photos to confirm that it was the assailant His movements were well restricted There is a need to open the mechanism within seconds, without opening the doors or raising the alarm.

“It moved so smoothly,” commented the brand’s owner, Jose Moro, who saw how it moved. More than two and a half million euros Fine wine was washed down the building’s drains. Here are the photos:

It all happened at 4:30 a.m. on February 18, and the Civil Guard has been working ever since to try to clarify the big question: who was hiding behind that silhouette Protected by a white worker frog?

this week, Four months after the fateful nightThe investigation bore fruit and allowed the arrest of a woman as the alleged employer in the sabotage operation, and who is accused of committing the crime of damage.

The suspect refused to testify and was released without charge A former worker was left without a contract just two days before the eventsalthough he had been informed of the dismissal 15 days in advance, which would have given him space to plan the plan.

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The investigation remains open and according to the deputy delegate of the Spanish government in Valladolid, Jacinto Canales, it cannot be ruled out. More arrests.

In fact, as part of the operation called Malaprepa, the woman’s home in the city of Velascosa de Roa was searched, and He began investigating their romantic partner For a possible relationship with the same facts.

How did he do it?

As a result of a “thorough analysis,” investigators explained that the woman entered the basement building using the pump room door key, and once inside, she “correctly” entered the key. Key to disable alarmwhich she didn’t know was offline.

Thus, he proceeded to arm it and “quickly” open the taps of five fermentation tanks, Two of them were emptyIn total, 60,000 litres were lost, and the value of the winery was estimated at 2,535,385 euros.

The Armed Institute of Valladolid took over the investigation and worked from the first moment on the hypothesis that the crime was to be committed by a woman and that it was inevitable.”Very familiar with the facilities And very knowledgeable about the machinery used in the wine making process.”

It was already thought to be “very likely to be a factor or a precursor factor,” although researchers confirm that They have exhausted all methods of investigation Before the suspect was arrested.

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