Condemns the protests but does not recognize the victory of Lula-

Condemns the protests but does not recognize the victory of Lula-
From Sarah Gandolfi

The president denounces electoral “grievances”. Throughout the day, most of the country was paralyzed by roadblocks by Paulsonian truck drivers. Ferrari was also banned. Analysts: “The coup is difficult, it is getting isolated.”

Nearly 48 hours after Lula was declared president, Last night Bolsonaro finally broke the silence, Read a letter for a few minutes to reporters. The outgoing president has not filed a lawsuit Lula did not admit defeat in Sunday’s election
(Lost 49.1% to 50.9%). Rather, he justified the ongoing protests in the country, and provoked, according to him, It gives a “feeling of discontent and injustice to the electoral process.”

But he condemned the barriers that crippled Brazil, He called on his supporters to demonstrate peacefully: “I understand the protests, but our methods cannot be those of the left, which has always harmed the population, such as the invasion of property, the destruction of assets and the limitation of the right of movement,” He said The right-wing leader thanked “52 million voters who voted for me.” Almost removing fears, he added, “As president and a citizen, I will continue to carry out all the commandments of the Constitution.” Soon, his staff announced that he had authorizedThe initiation of the transition of powers with Lula. Immediately after that, he headed to the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court, which “emphasizes in a memorandum” the importance of “the president ‘recognizing’ in determining the beginning of the transitional phase the final result of the elections.”

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All day, Brazil was paralyzed by thousands of trucks That closed dozens of highways, particularly the main arteries leading to airports and ports or linking major cities. Even Ferrari’s cars, which had arrived in Sao Paulo for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, were cornered. The error of the “Bolsonaro” who were waiting for a signal from Captain Bolsonaro. But the ex-navy captain was holed up in his two palaces in Brasilia – Alvorada where he lives and Planalto where his offices are – until he summoned the press after a meeting with some ministers and generals.

Once the danger of a coup has disappeared, the danger now, if any, is that of a creeping civil war between The extreme parties of the people are divided into two parts. On the other hand, the “Polsonarios”, who spread false news about electoral conspiracies on social networks; On the other hand, the gunmen Homeless workers movementWho mobilized yesterday to remove the “enemies” barriers. A choice not shared by the Rural Landless Workers’ Movement (Sem Terra) which urged its activists not to clash with the Bolsonarists.

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Lola is silent and anxious. General Secretary of the Workers’ Party Paulo Teixeira. However, Bolsonaro has been accused of keeping the country under blackmailHe added that his behavior underscores “a lack of respect for democratic institutions.” Yesterday, in the absence of any government action, it was the turn of the Supreme Court to try to stop the protests. Judge Moraes gave notice to the head of the traffic police – Who called Bolsonaro to vote – To disinfect the means, otherwise he would have been expelled. Many still fear that Bolsonaro wants to imitate the “bad teacher” Donald Trump who resisted for weeks before ceding the victory to Biden, just days after taking office. But analysts rule out the possibility of a coup. “It does not have the support of the most important sectors of the political system and the media. “It doesn’t seem to have the support of the military,” says Claudio Couto, a political scientist at the Getulio Vagas Foundation. “Bolsonaro is isolated, and only truck drivers and some extremist politicians have followed him.”

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