The super-rich: 84,000 in the world, the United States and China at the top. Is it Italy?

The super-rich: 84,000 in the world, the United States and China at the top.  Is it Italy?

In 2021, global wealth stormed the roof $463.6 trillion, up +9.8% year over year. If we exclude fluctuations in exchange rates, then we are talking about a record increase of + 12.7%. United State And the China They contribute 50 and 25% respectively, while at the same time welcoming the largest number of Uhnwi (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals), individuals with assets in excess of $100 million. Credit Suisse Research Institute, finally world wealth report Now in its thirteenth edition, it draws the new map of the wealthy. It also reveals its future outlook in light of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the subsequent escalation of inflation.

The rich get richer, but not the women

North America contributed more than 50% to the growth of global wealth, followed by China with 25%. Africa, Europe, India and Latin America are close to 11.1% overall. Looking at specific subgroups of the population, it was above all knowing the largest increase in their origins in the United States and Canada Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) H tenth generation (Born 1965 and 1979). The WomenInstead, they have seen their wealth decline in 15 of the 26 countries that make up 59% of the world’s adult population. Among these, China, Germany and India are mentioned. On the other side are the United States and the United Kingdom, where the average wealth ratio of women to men is increasing.

The top ten richest countries

“If we look at the distribution of wealth, we find 84,490 adults with assets exceeding $100 million at the end of 2021, of which 7,070 are worth over $500 million,” explains Nanette Hechler-Fittger, chief investment officer. EMEA and Global Head of Economics and Research at Credit Suisse at the presentation of the report. North America again dominates with the largest number of Uhnwis (146,680 or 56%), while 42,780 (16%) live in Europe, 32,710 in China (12%) and in Asia-Pacific countries excluding China and India. 30,010 (11%).

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looking at i individual countriesThe Uses They earn the largest share of the pie with 141,140 members, or 53% of the global total. there China occupies second place with 32,710 ultra-rich, accompanied in the top ten Germany (9,720), Canada (5,510), India (4980), Japan (4870), France (4,640), Australia (4630) and United kingdom (4180). L ‘Italia It ranked last with 3,930 individuals with assets of over $100 million. In 2021, in particular, the super-rich family was enriched by the record number of 46,000 members. North America contributed in this sense by adding 32,090 members (equivalent to 70% of the global increase), while China and Europe contributed 5,200 and 3,900 individuals, respectively. On the other hand, Switzerland (-120), Hong Kong (-130), Turkey (-330) and the United Kingdom (-1.130) saw a contraction in the Uhnwi count.

Global wealth: +169 trillion in 2026

“This report looks not only back but also forward in time. Thus to the impact ofinflation“The war in Ukraine and the supply chain crisis on global wealth,” adds Axel B. Lehmann, Chairman and Board Member of Credit Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG. “Most likely, these factors will hinder growth in the short term, but we remain positive at the same time.” According to the estimates of the Swiss Institute, global wealth should indeed be by 160 trillion by 2026And the equals + 36%. Low- and middle-income countries will play a major role, contributing 42% to increased wealth over the next five years. “These countries will grow faster than developed countries, narrowing the gaps,” said Anthony Shoroux, an economist and author of the report. In 2026, one in seven adults will belong to the $100,000 to $1 million fortune group. And in the next five years, the number of millionaires will increase significantly, reaching 87 million, while the Canadian will become 385 thousand.”

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