Sassuolo – Spezia: 4-1 Serie A 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

  • From Sassuolo – Spezia is everything, the date of the next Serie A match.20:39

  • Sassuolo who goes to highs of 43 minus five from the Europe zone, Spezia who now has to watch his back against Venice could go to -4 if they win.20:39

  • Spezia, who remained in the match until Ayhan’s 3-1 victory, Thiago Motta’s team failed to react to Scamaka’s fourth goal, who was also born from Manaj’s neglect in the barrier.20:37

  • Sassuolo beat La Spezia 4-1, a double from Berardi, Ayhan and Scamaca in a free kick for the locals, and Green for the guests.20:36

  • 90′ + 3′

    SASSUOLO – The spice ends! Final score 4-1, domestic poker game against tamed Thiago Motta team.20:35

  • 90′ + 2′

    ODDEI! Stop in the zone, the ball is on the left and a strong conclusion, Bastogne saves Spezia!20:33

  • 90′ + 1′

    Three minutes of recovery.20:32

  • 90′

    SASSUOLO substitution: Domenico Berardi exits, Emil Ceïde enters.20:32

  • 90′

    SASSUOLO substitution: exit Hamed Traoré, entry Brian Audi.20:31

  • 88 ‘

    Skamaka enjoying a chest pose and Veronica in the midfield to beat two opponents.20:29

  • 87 ‘

    Lopez! Sudden break, diving warned!20:28

  • 86′

    Spezia who proudly continues to try despite the three goal difference.20:26

  • 85 ‘

    SASSUOLO substitution: Davide Frattesi exit, Francesco Magnanelli entry.20:26

  • 84 ‘

    Substitution of SASSUOLO: Exit of Mateus Henrik, entry of Abd al-Rahman Harwa.20:26

  • 83 ‘

    Sassuolo who closed the match, Skamaka who also did the penalty, with Manaj who, however, left a lot of space in the middle of the barrier.20:24

  • 81 ‘

    The goal! Sassuolo – Spices 4-1! Gianluca Scamaca Network. The attacker kicks the penalty forcefully, the ball passes through the middle of the barrier and the bags are carried onto the near post.

    Look at the player card Gianluca Scamaca20:23

    Gianluca Scamaca
  • 80 ‘

    Martin Ehrlich warned. A foul on the edge of the area on Kyriakopoulos, a yellow card and a free kick from a dangerous position for Sassuolo. 20:21

  • 79 ‘

    Superb play by Ryan, stopping and balancing from a tight angle, a goal that could cut through La Spezia’s leg.20:21

  • 78 ‘

    The goal! Sassuolo – Bharat 3-1! Network was Ayhan. Corner for locals, stop with the thigh in the far corner of the defender who, outside, the bags that Provedel can’t reach.

    Look at the player profile of Kaan Ayhan20:20

    was insulting
  • 77 ‘

    Spezia who leaves plenty of room for Sassuolo’s counterattack, very lopsided guests.20:19

  • 75 ‘

    Scamaka’s first ball, he stops in the area and tries to turn: Ehrlich closes.20:17

  • 74 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Daniele Verdi exit, Kevin Agudlo entering.20:16

  • 74 ‘

    SPEZIA REPLACEMENT: Emmanuel Gyassi leaves, and Ray Manaj enters.20:15

  • 73 ‘

    The players seem to be able to continue the match, it’s back 11 vs 11.20:15

  • 72 ‘

    A very difficult clash between Fratesi and Keiuor, both players on the ground.20:14

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  • 71 ‘

    Kovalenko! Gyasi serves the winger in the area, Frattisi touches him but La Spezia stays on his feet and can’t find the score from a few steps.20:12

  • 70′

    Sassuolo free kick: Berardi is in the middle, Gyasi is waiting for everyone and pushes her away.20:11

  • 68 ‘

    SASSUOLO substitution: Gregoire Defrel exits, enters Gianluca Squacca.20:10

  • 67′

    Bastogne cross, tip in the high exit anticipates Gyasi who threw himself on the far post.20:09

  • 66 ‘

    The seats begin to move, and the coaches are ready for the first changes.20:07

  • 65′

    The tunes are now decidedly loud, Spezia pushes, leaving spaces behind.20:05

  • 63 ‘

    Frattisi enters the ball and chain, the final touch for Traore which Amiens intercepted.20:03

  • 62 ‘

    Cross of Batons, Kiwior tries to build the tower but is on his way out of the limb blocks.20:03

  • 61 ‘

    A cross from Gyasi, Consigli was defeated but was cleared by Kyriakopoulos at the far post.20:02

  • 59′

    Berardi enters but is expected by Nicolau, the offender at La Spezia centre.20:01

  • 57 ‘

    Spezia now tensed, many protests from the guests with Volpi.20:00

  • 56′

    Check the contact’s VAR in the area, Volpi indicates you can continue playing.19:59

  • 55 ‘

    Giulio Maggiore warned. Yellow for the midfielder who stopped Consigli, who wanted to run fast for Berardi. 19:59

  • 54 ‘

    The connection in the area between Kovalenko and Ferrari, Volpi is close and says he can continue.19:58

  • 52 ‘

    An angle for Berardi, Frattisi fits in but is expected by firing a Provedel with a fist.19:54

  • 51 ‘

    Berardi in the middle for Defrel, a very long ball that ends in Provedel’s arms.19:52

  • 49 ‘

    The second half for Sassuolo started as well as it could, taking advantage of the nerverde thanks to a double from Berardi.19:50

  • 48 ‘

    The goal! Sassuolo – Spices 2-1! Domenico Berardi Network. Defrel serves the playmaker in the area, stop and right-footed that beats the Provedel:100 in Serie A for the neroverde player.

    Look at Domenico Berardi’s card19:50

    Domenico Berardi
  • 48 ‘

    Berardi! Left to turn from a good position, high ball over the bar.19:49

  • 47 ‘

    No changes in time period, same eleven as first half.19:47

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of SASSUOLO – SPEZIA begins!19:47

  • The midfielder himself has two chances to double without closing the match, while Spezia re-opens with Verdi’s Pearl, and a left under seven is impervious to Consiglio.19:33

  • Sassuolo and Spezia closed the first break 1-1: neroverdi took the lead with a penalty kick from Berardi, born from Kovalenko’s foul on Fratesi.19:32

  • 45′

    The first half of SASSUOLO – SPEZIA ends! Part 1-1, Berardi on the penalty kick, green on the net.19:31

  • 45′

    There will be no rebound in this first half.19:31

  • 44 ‘
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    Domenico Berardi warned. Shot by the playmaker to Bastoni after Volpi’s whistle. 19:31

  • 43 ‘

    The balance is now on Mapei’s court, Spezia trying to get possession of the ball without getting close to his trap.19:30

  • 42 ‘

    Ayhan was forced to make a mistake by Gyasi, who was expecting him on the front line.19:29

  • 40′

    Lopez! In the zone, the midfielder sits with two opponents and wraps up, swerving facilitates the review of Provedel.19:27

  • 39 ‘

    Sassuolo opportunity! Kyriakopoulos, with a cross shot that almost surprised Providel, repelled the visiting goalkeeper with his fists.19:26

  • 38 ‘

    Sassuolo who is not there, Nirverde who is constantly coming back to pay.19:25

  • 36′

    The goal! Sassuolo – Spice 1-1! Daniel Verdi Network. The playmaker stopped a Bastoni cross in the area, moved it to the left and a shot around and he put it on the far post that mocked Consiglio.

    Look at Daniele Verdi’s card06:32

    Daniel Verdi
  • 36′

    A brilliant goal from Verde restores parity to the match, Spezia who was able to resist, reorganize and strike back at Sassuolo.19:24

  • 35 ‘

    Across from Kyriakopoulos, Defrel does not reach the near post by a few centimeters.19:21

  • 33 ‘

    Amiens reaches the cross, warning Ferrari to stay away.19:19

  • 32 ‘

    Traoré’s heel for Defrel, Erlic Spezia saves by anticipating the tip in the zone.19:18

  • 31 ‘

    Gyasi misses Verdi’s support, Spezia who appears to have lost confidence after Sassuolo’s advantage.19:17

  • 30′

    Berardi who performs very poorly in La Spezia with his moves behind Deverell, often pivoting to the left.19:16

  • 28 ‘

    A major reversal of advice on Gyasi, the action is still on hold due to tip offside.19:14

  • 27′

    Attacking hard now, Sassuolo closed Spezia to his territory.19:13

  • 26′

    Still Sassuolo! Berardi with a great ball for Frattisi, the midfielder in front of Providedel is looking for Devril but sends her to the bottom.19:12

  • 24′

    Maxime Lopez intercepted a ball in midfield and attempted the first intent throw for Defrel, but the Frenchman did not follow the ball.19:10

  • 23 ‘

    The game that seems to have finally played, the tempo up and the opportunities overflowing.19:08

  • 22 ‘

    What’s wrong with my phratese! The midfielder goes head to head with Provedel’s kicks on the goalkeeper!19:08

  • 21′

    Green color! A launch for Reca finds the maker’s trailer, a first intention finale that ends well on the side.19:07

  • 20′

    Matthews Henrique warned. Late intervention at Maggiore.19:06

  • 18 ‘

    The balance of the match is broken, Spezia who will now have to change his game script by raising the center of gravity.19:04

  • 17′

    The goal! SASSUOLO – SPICE 1-0! Penalty net from Domenico Berardi. The wing crosses the left, sensing Providel but he cannot reach the ideal result for the Italian national team.

    Look at Domenico Berardi’s card19:03

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    Domenico Berardi
  • 15th ‘

    Viktor Kovalenko warned. Yellow on the outside for a penalty kick. 19:02

  • 15th ‘

    Penalty kick for SASSUOLO! Introducing Vratisi, Kovalenko kicks him out in the area: Volpi has no doubts.19:02

  • 14′

    Advice comes from his area to anticipate Gyasi, whom Maggiore shot well.7:00 pm

  • 13′

    A game that does not take off, two teams control each other without leaving spaces.18:59

  • 12′

    Check with Gyassi arm, punishment in favor of Sassuolo.18:57

  • 10′

    Problem now for Maxime Lopez: The power plant is down after a clash with Gyasi.18:56

  • 9′

    Spezia who has now closed everything in his trocar with a very closed 4-1-4-1.18:55

  • 8′

    A cross pass by Kyriakopoulos was missed by Amiens, corner by Sassuolo.18:53

  • 7′

    Traore’s low cross, Ehrlich anticipates everyone and kicks the ball away.18:53

  • 6′

    Sassuolo who suffers from his usual turn of the ball due to the extremely high pressure from Spezia.18:52

  • 4′

    A mistake in the preparation of Nicolau, Berardi intercepted but failed to take advantage of it: the major is recovering.18:50

  • 3′

    Al-Raed Ljayassi expects Ayhan, but the striker does not control the ball in front of Consiglio.18:49

  • 2′

    Spezia left strong, Sassuolo was forced into his own half.18:49

  • 1 ‘

    Sassuolo in Niroverde, Spezia with the phosphorescent orange jersey.18:47

  • 1 ‘

    START SASSUOLO – SPICE! The first ball for the guests.18:46

  • Referee Manuel Volpe will manage the match.18:03

  • The balance between Sassuolo and Spezia in Serie A is balanced, with one win on each side and a draw; In the three matches, both teams always scored at least one goal.18:03

  • Thiago Motta confirmed that Gyasi was at the center of the attack, with Greene and Kovalenko replacing Agudelo. Confirmed the victory of the midfield and defense with Cagliari.18:03

  • Dionigi picks Devril from the first striker with Scamaka on the bench, and Rasbadori takes out space for Traore.17:59

  • Available for SPEZIA: Zoet, Zovko, Manaj, Hristov, Podgoreanu, Ferrer, Antiste, Sher, Agudelo, Ngoiuamba, Bertola.17:58

  • SPEZIA formation: 4-3-3 for Thiago Motta, Provedel – Amian, Erli, Nikolaou, Reca – Maggiore, Kiwior, Bastoni – Verde, Gyasi, Kovalenko.17:58

  • Available for SASSUOLO: Vitale, Pegolo, Magnanelli, Rogerio, Oddei, Ciervo, Peluso, Ceide, Harroui, Chiriches, Tressoldi, Squacca.17:56

  • Official match lineups: SASSUOLO with 4-3-3, boards – Mulder, Ayhan, Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos – Frattisi, Maxime Lopez, Mateus Henrique – Berardi, Devril, Traore.17:56

  • Nirverde who reached the safety level 40 points in his premier tournament; The 29-year-old Liguria wants to snuff out the rifle, which is third from the bottom by seven points.17:28

  • Sassuolo Spezia hosts a search for key points of salvation in this advance from Serie A Friday.17:27

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: MAPEI Stadium – Città del Tricolore
    City: Reggio nell’Emilia
    Capacity: 23,717 spectators17:27

    Mapei Stadium - the city of the Italian flag
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