Twitch xQc claims to have turned it on and it’s almost complete –

Twitch xQc claims to have turned it on and it’s almost complete –

xQcone of the most followed Twitch players in the world, claimed to own it Already played to GTA 6 Through auditions organized by Rockstar Games. According to him, the game is in an excellent development stage and has already been completed.

xQc was talking to his followers when he started claiming he had tried a game that was still being tested, but he couldn’t say anything about it because it was covered in NDA (In Italian: nondisclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement). The chat began to ferment and asked for more information. xQc, which is certainly not famous for its appreciation, lasted a few minutes, and after sending the NDA to that country, he revealed that he is an online GTA 6 tester.

So he said the game is in really good development and looks like it’s over. More precisely, he said:You have played Grand Theft Auto 6 online, and I will just tell you that the development of the game is over.

He later claimed that GTA 6 has servers dedicated to role play, one of the phenomena that allowed GTA 5 to continue for so many years. Moreover, it appears that very advanced role-playing mechanics have been introduced, which he does not specify much.

xQc: “They will not allow role-playing on FiveM; They will have their own role playing servers with advanced real life mechanics. This is the most advanced role-playing system ever.

This information was later posted by a user on Reddit, who told how he was banned from the GTA forums for putting it there as well (which shows that Rockstar Games is having a strong influence there as well). Note that the original xQc video on Twitch, along with all the different clips, has been deleted.

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How many possibilities are there Totally true? Actually many. It’s no surprise that Rockstar Games might want to involve some notable players in marketing the game, given the role they’ve played in the ongoing success of Chapter 5. After all, xQc is one of the most important streaming operators on the planet, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it was called up to collaborate. Sure, his unreliability still persists, because he violated the NDA anyway, but that’s a Rockstar problem.

What about the state of development? Can it really end? Answer: Why not? GTA 6 is likely to be a giant title considering the years it took to make and stand up to its predecessor, so it’s no wonder it’s already in the improvement phase and Rockstar is doing extensive testing to ensure it launches in a clean manner. as possible.

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