“This is how history was made.” And about Yildiz Alegre…

“This is how history was made.”  And about Yildiz Alegre…

a guest The transfer market is privateThe program hosted by Alessandro Bonan on sky, Fabio Quagliarella Revealed some basic information regarding Antonio Conte And for years Juventus: “He was so precise that he had us rehearse everything several times. All we had to do was try to get on the field with the kids. Just think that if Lichtsteiner touched the ball inside, we had to make a move, if he kept it forward and we had to Do something else. He blamed us for poor positioning, even if it was just one metre. He realizes that it puts a lot of pressure on the players, but he gets results.”.

Quagliarella praises Conte

Former striker He retired a few months agoHe praises Salento's coach: When he arrived at Juventus we started 4-2-4. We spent the whole summer vacation that way, with those movements. The first practices were very difficult, then a week before the tournament we switched to three. In this way, history was made. For me, he is a hero. Wherever he goes, he leaves an impact and leaves his mark. Whoever comes after him will find the benefits he left behind. He knows he's asking a lot, starting with video analysis. Then he changes the details, telling you you should have stayed one meter forward or further back.”.

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