Osimhen's hat-trick and Kfara Live's double

Osimhen's hat-trick and Kfara Live's double


Ostegaard: “The key today was pressing”

We didn't start well, and we conceded this goal early. Then we even managed to score six goals. The team stayed on track and responded, showing they had the right mindsetThese are the words of Leo Ostegaard, Napoli's defender, who spoke to DAZN following the 6-1 away win over Sassuolo.We are trying to free Lobotka more, the key today was pressing. In three of the six goals scored, high attack was central to their approach, an aspect that has not worked well in recent matches. We have regained confidence in our technology – The defender confirms – The awareness of players like Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia is there, but the collective integrity that brought us the championship last year has to come back. Champions League? We will try to win every match. There are many points separating us from fourth place, but we must not stop believing in it“.


Calzona: “Osimhen and Kafara are back to their level”

Read all of Calzona's words after the Sassuolo-Napoli match here.


Bigica: “We will not always face Napoli”

Sassuolo coach Begica told DAZN: “Preparing for this match in two days was exorbitant. I'm really focused on the Verona match, as it is a final match for us. The risks are very high. We need to find courage and confidence again, Napoli will not always be ahead of us. We need to get out of this situation, we need to find courage, certainty and some positive events. Berardi? He is our best player and he will be available for the next match“.


Politano: “With Osimhen like this…”

Politano to Dazzin: “We knew this match was decisive. We have proven that we are a strong team and a strong group. It's a shame to lose points, we have time to recover, if this is the approach we will do well. We needed a match like this, it is important on a mental level. We went to the field quietly and calmly. Third coach? A difficult year. Many of us know Calzona: he was the best choice, day by day we will get to know his playing style better. We missed Osimhen, with Osei like this…“.

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De Laurentiis: “I'm awake!”

Here is the tweet of Napoli president De Laurentiis: “Congratulations to the team on this beautiful awakening!“.


Calzone talk

Follow the Napoli coach's interviews and press conference here.


End of the match: Sassuolo – Napoli 1-6

Referee Shevi blows the whistle for the end of the match without stoppage time.


87' Substitution for Sassuolo

Comey replaces Pinamonti.


79' Final substitution for Napoli

Dendoncker entry in Lobotka.


75' Kafara scores again!

A brace for the striker who steals the ball at Volpato's insistence and then unleashes a powerful, unstoppable shot. Immediately after that, Simeone and Zielinski came on instead of Osimhen and Traoré. Defrel replaces Sassuolo in place of Bajrami and Kumbulla in place of Trisoldi.


67' Subito Raspadori

The newly introduced striker tries to shoot a ball into the area: the ball is in the middle and it is easily saved by Consigli.


62' Napoli changes

Raspadori and Nathan enter for Politano and Rahmani.


56' Changes for Sassuolo

Rasic and Doig are out and Volpato and Missouri are in.


51' Kafarra also scores! Napoli leads 5-1

Sassuolo in pieces. Plenty of space for Kavara, who starts from the left, comes back from the right and shoots a curling ball that beats Consili.


47' Osimhen's hat-trick!

An exciting mistake from Trisoldi who incredibly misses the pass to his teammate, Caffara easily intercepts and sends Osimhen into the area: once again he outplays Consili.


The second half started

The game starts again. Kick-off for Sassuolo. No changes.


End of the first half: Sassuolo – Napoli 1-3

Racic's goal opens the door for the Azzurri's return, with the signing of Rahmani and Osimhen (double).


46' Kafara is close to scoring

It is clear that Sassuolo is having a hard time. Kafara enters the penalty area and fires a powerful shot, which Consili sends to the corner.


41' Osimhen double: Napoli leads 3-1!

mistake Matthews Henrique delivers the ball Politano is outgoing. The winger takes the ball and sends Osimhen over: the striker's diagonal pass goes past Consili.

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40' Napoli is uncontrollable

Napoli are still very close to scoring with Osimhen, who incredibly failed to hit the target from Traoré's cross. However, the referee canceled the former Sassuolo player's ruling due to offside.


38' Osimhen fixes the goal

The goalkeeper bounced off the crossbar: Osimhen helps fix it. The game stopped for two minutes.


36' Kafara scores the goal of the year

The striker sees Consili outside the posts and tries to taunt him from midfield: the ball ends up just over the crossbar.


31' Osimhen's goal! Napoli leads 2-1

Di Lorenzo again, who manages to send Politano into the area: the pass to Osimhen is perfect and the striker makes no mistakes.


29' Rahmani equalizes: Sassuolo Napoli 1-1

Great work for Napoli: Di ​​Lorenzo catches Anguissa in the penalty area, the midfielder back-heels sends Larahmani, who beats Conselli with his right foot.


27' Shot by Osimhen

The striker tries to shake Napoli: the bottom line is from a very tight position, a high ball.


17' Racic opens his doors: Sassuolo Napoli 1-0

With the home team's first real action, the goal arrives. Racic looks for the shot from the outside, the result is not strong but accurate in the corner: Meret doesn't get there.


14' Ferrari is decisive

Excellent move from Napoli, as Caffara fed Mario Rui, and the cross was almost perfect for Osimhen's foot: Ferrari narrowly anticipates the striker.


13' Traoré is dangerous

The former Sassuolo player tries to shoot the ball directly into the penalty area: he shoots the ball well, but the shot goes wide of the goal.


12' Napoli controls the field

Napoli wins the match, and Sassuolo fails to cross the midfield. However, at the moment, the Azzurri are unable to find the final pass.


4' Tiro de Lobotka

A good start for Napoli. Lobotka tries from outside: ball wide, no problem for Consili.


The game has started!

Kick-off for Napoli.


Meloso: “The calzone had an excellent effect”

Napoli sporting director Miloso Ladzen: “We don't look at the arrangement otherwise we will feel afraid. We have to think about each game individually, and we will do the calculations in the end. Calzona has been an excellent influence, he shows compassion, and the team follows him. We have to win today“.

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Traore: “Sorry for Mazzarri. Napoli is still alive”

Traoré to Dazzen:We feel sorry for Mazzari but we have to think about the future. This team is alive. Returning as a former player against Sassuolo? It's going to be special, I've had great moments here and I'm excited. But now I'm in Naples and I only have to think about this“.


It rains a lot in Reggio Emilia

Despite the rain, the pitch at Mapei Stadium is holding up well and in good condition.


Napoli focuses on Osimhen's numbers

Osimhen scored six goals against Sassuolo in Serie A, and has not scored more goals against any team in the tournament (Udinese also scored six). In fact, the striker has scored in all of the last four matches against Neroverde in the league, only against Cagliari and Udinese has he scored in five consecutive Serie A matches.



Napoli have 28 fewer points, after 25 matches played in Serie A, than in the last edition of the tournament: considering the three points per win, this is the worst points difference for the champion team at this stage of the competition compared to the winning team. The season in which he won the title.


Official formations

Sassuolo (4-2-3-1): Tips; Pedersen, Trisoldi, Ferrari, Doig; Reich, Matthews Henrique; Bajrami, Thorstedt, Llorente; Pinamonti

Napoli (4-3-3): Merit; Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Ostegaard, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Lobotka, Traoré; Politano, Osimhen, Catering Manager.


Arbitration team

The Sassuolo-Napoli match will be officiated by referee Chevi, and assistant referees Peretti and Imperial will be officiating. Fourth referee Di Marco. In the Var there will be Souza, the Var Mazzoleni.


Where to see it

The Sassuolo-Napoli match will be broadcast live exclusively on Dazn. It will be visible live on Dazn apps. The match is scheduled to kick off at 6 p.m.

Reggio Emilia – Mapei Stadium

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