How to raise them thanks to the new agreement

Under a very important agreement between the Consumers Association and the Eni gas and electricity company, it will be possible to deal with expensive bills, which have wiped out Italians for several months

Let’s see how the new package that will allow Pesey’s citizens to defer payments for electricity and gas is organized.

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In the past few months, with the situation Corona virus disease Still unlocking increased InvoicesSeveral Italian families face one Economic situation Anything but rosacea.

Thus, precisely to avoid a real crisis in the family economy, Adiconsumwith the others Consumer Associations Recognized by law, ed Eni gas Al-Nour entered into an agreement to deal with this emergency.

The agreement consists of a premium of Invoices both of them First Quarter 2022 But also for those released in December 2021.

Dear Billers, Here Are the Right Ideas: Savings in Three Tips

Dear Bills: To Whom It May Concern and How the Installment Process Is Done

to order Pay the bill in installments Receipt, it is not necessary to wait for expiration. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the company’s communication until the arrears are received.

Installments can be requested through residential and small VAT numbers. According to the agreement, there are no additional benefits and costs, and above all, No payment is required to start paying in installments.

Moreover, the number of monthly installments varies depending on the amount of the bill. If the amount ranges from 300 to 1000 euros, then a maximum of 10 installments can be requested, if we are talking about an amount between 1000 to 5000 euros, the required installments can be up to 10. However, with more than 5,000 euros you can place an order in up to 18 installments.

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How is the extension activated? Those who need to split bills into several tranches can activate installment payment on any contact with Eni gas and light and also between Filogiallo operators.

Dear billers, all is not lost: there is an idea to save

In short, given the innumerable economic hardships which many Italian families are trying to face with their heads held high, With this agreement we are trying to ease the situation because of Dear Bills. Waiting for better and prosperous times to come.

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