Anna Falchi “It’s Hard…” shows the truth of the end of her story: the reasons for her farewell

Anna Falchi “It’s Hard…” shows the truth of the end of her story: the reasons for her farewell

In a long and intimate interview, Anna Falchi told very personal aspects of her life and spoke about the end of her wonderful love story. That’s why it’s over.

Anna Falchi He decided to share important details about his private life and did so in a long interview in which he narrated Reasons for breaking up with his ex-partner. The actress admitted that she suffered a lot until the end of the story, but there was no other way out.

Anna Falchi was born in Tampere, Finland, and she is”Actress, presenter and former model. He arrived in Italy when he was only 6 years old; He lives until the age of 16 in Scandiano, and then moves to Pesaro. She started her career by participating in many beauty contests, among them Miss Italy 1989, where she comes in second. Success, at that point, was instant: the model won hundreds of covers and ad engagements.

In 1992 she was selected for a TV commercial the dreamDirected by Federico Fellini. In 1993, he began his film career with the film in the dark continent by Marco Risi. In 1994 he starred in SPQR – Since 2000 and a half by Carlo Vanzina. In the late ’90s, she played her role in films paparazzi And the bodyguards – bodyguards.

In that period, he begins to appear more and more on television, as a guest on various programs, including Le Zecchino d’oro Edition 40 And the Sunday in. He then participates, as a competitor, in the fourth edition of Dancing with the stars In 2009, it topped From north to south… and I said it all! With Vincenzo Salmi.

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Anna Falchi

He recently led a group One summer morningAnd the There is time for…, With Beppe Convertini; From September 14, 2021 it will run on Rai 2 your own business with except thin.

Anna Falchi, the secrets behind the breakup

Anna Falchi was with Famous faces of entertainment and businessfirst and foremost Fiorello, with whom she was linked from from 1994 to 1996. After their story ended, the actress was linked to Max Biaggi. In 2005 I got married Stefano Ricucci, a Romanian entrepreneur, separated from her a year later. From 2008 to 2010 she was with Denny Montesi, a businessman from Romania; The two had a daughter.

Since 2011 it has been linked to Andrea RuggeriVice Forza Italy. This year, after 11 years together, The two formalized their breakup. Then Falchi revealed the reasons for the farewell and what did not work out between them: “A year ago, we moved in together and it didn’t work out. It’s hard to share spaces Even more important is the inclusion of another in the rhythms that hitherto distinguished only one’s own habits and needs. Often people are too independent to build a common nest day in and day out. In the end, I didn’t find myself loved and didn’t see him as I wanted. I felt a little for grantedI was missing something and that made me feel uncomfortable.”

Anna Falchi

Have we run out of passion? “Maybe yes, on both sides. It doesn’t make you happy with the observation. Here comes the courage of women who do not want to give in to a situation that is not going as it should be and prefer to proceed from their freedom. So he said, Andrea was the most important man in my lifeYou have always respected being a mother and gave me wonderful moments that I will keep in my heart.”

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