Meteorology: a science for everyone

With a rich program of conferences, theatrical performances, training and workshops for children, the National Conference of AISAMAnd Italian Association for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology.

The date with the fourth edition will be in Aula Magna via Festa del Perdono – and simultaneously on the Zoom webinar – from February 15-19.

During the four days of Congress, there will be 55 technical interventions and 87 “poster” presentations on various topics:

  • Atmospheric notes
  • prediction models
  • Data analysis and techniques to mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Air quality and urban meteorology
  • Environmental protection and weather warnings
  • extreme events
  • Hydrogeological balances and health.

Download the full program here

The ‘hot’ topic will definitely be weather changeswith eight special events open to the general public, demonstrating Congress’ desire to engage not only those who use meteorological and climatological information for professional needsMeteorological service forecasters, environmental agency officials, researchers and university professors—but also citizens, families, students, and enthusiasts who are increasingly interested and sensitive to environmental issues.

Therefore, in the evening open to the public, we will talk about climate, science communication, disasters and meteorology, with an interesting excursion to the workplaces and a master’s lecture to the Masters. Ed Hawkins From the University of Reading, which has conducted important activities to restore old data. There will also be educational workshops and seminars for schools from primary to secondary.

To participate or connect to the broadcast, you need to register on the site Conference.

for a special eventSchool meets climateOn Saturday February 19 a separate booking form has been prepared for the following Link.

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