Santoro to Kartabianka: “US missiles on Ukraine, risks of nuclear war increase”

Santoro to Kartabianka: “US missiles on Ukraine, risks of nuclear war increase”

“With medium-range missiles, the Ukrainians could reverse the camp’s response and at that point we would really come close to the danger of nuclear war.” This is the scenario set by Michel Santoro in the war between Ukraine and Russia after the United States and Great Britain supplied Kyiv with new weapons. “The technological power of this weapon can change the course of the war. From the very beginning, half of the Ukrainians as soldiers fight with arrows, rifles and Molotov cocktails,” Kartabianka told. “They are already using heavy weapons of destruction like those of the Russians. They are seizing weapons that reverse the tide of conventional warfare, at which point a wounded bear can take a tactical nuclear bomb and drop it on Ukraine,” he adds.

“There is a invader, Putin, we understand that. But I cannot admit the need to give arms to the Ukrainian people because they were invaded. When the United States invaded Iraq, should we go and fight on Saddam’s side? What in Afghanistan? Did we do that?” …we went to bomb civilians in Serbia,” he continues. “Ukraine was armed by the United States for 8 years, with billions of dollars. It was considered a US-born country but it is not. Now you are fighting with American weapons, why should we join?”

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