Colombia, women in swimwear walk during the military parade: It’s controversial

Colombia, women in swimwear walk during the military parade: It’s controversial

The video spread on social media: An army inspection committee has been activated

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(La Presse) A controversial video posted on social media shows a group of women walking through a show in the rain in swimwear, knee-high boots and military hats in Manizales, Colombia. The parade was staged as part of the celebration of the Ayacucho Battalion in Manizales, and was considered by many to be sexist and inappropriate. After the controversy, a statement from the leadership of the Fifth Division also appeared on social media, stating that “the ceremony came within the framework of the visit of the youth who perform military service and are part of the second division of the current. General, with their families. Various activities were organized,” he explains, He argues that the photos belong to students of the Academia de Models Big Model and Fundacion New Model Talentos y Diversidad. The theme of the show was “The evolution of clothing from the 1920s to the future” According to the press release, the Army General Inspection Committee was activated “in order to proceed with the verification of the operations and actions carried out by the unit. Faced with this situation “it is not inconceivable to take measures” administrative and and/or disciplinary.

Jun 8, 2022 – Updated Jun 8, 2022, 10:42am

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