Sanchez salutes Ferrari via Linkedin FormulaPassion – Formula 1

Sanchez salutes Ferrari via Linkedin  FormulaPassion – Formula 1

The Montpellier engineer certified the separation from Ferrari with his own hand; McLaren is waiting for him a year later – by Senator Matteo

Sanchez says goodbye to Ferrari via LinkedIn:

Sanchez confirms his resignation and a new adventure

Telenovela farewell to Ferrari by former chief aerodynamicist David SanchezWho dominated the Italian and international media during the week of rest from the races between the Bahrain Grand Prix and the date scheduled for next weekend in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ended with the words of the person directly concerned. on linkedin In fact, the engineer from Montpellier confirmed his choice to leave the Maranello team, and confirmed it as well You already have an agreement to work for another Formula 1 team. Sanchez did not specify the name, but it is now known that it will be McLaren. “After 10 years at Ferrari, I decided to leave the team for another F1 project. This is my decision – He wanted to explain to the French – I matured for a while. I can’t wait to get back to work“.

Linkedin is at the center of Ferrari affairs

With a touch of irony, Sanchez also updated his current position at “garden leave”thus emphasizing its existence in it Compulsory transition stage for senior engineers before being able to marry into a new stable. Sanchez’s resignation caused a lot of talk because it was part of a process Continuous innovation within the Ferrari teammainly conducted by the new team manager Frederic Vasseur. It is understood that it was the men associated with the previous administration of Mattia Binotto who left. Curiously linkedin He is the protagonist of these days of events related to Ferrari World. In fact, the news of the CEO’s announcement yesterday was all over the place. Benedetto Vigna on the social network dedicated to Business Interactions is looking for a new engineer to join the Scuderia.

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