Juventus under pressure Vlahovic rises: Douzan’s predetermined numbers. And now the Fiorentina challenge | first page

Juventus under pressure Vlahovic rises: Douzan’s predetermined numbers.  And now the Fiorentina challenge |  first page

Too much pressure? not at all. The responsibilities that someone like Dusan Vlahovic goes to look for, even if someone like Max Allegri wants to try and distribute them throughout the team. 13 minutes were enough to make him score his first goal for Juventus, the first knockout match was enough to make him decisive, his poor performance and a few criticisms were enough to make him understand what it means to be at Juventus. then it He did something that might seem simple to someone just like him: He took the team by the hand in a time of great need. It was already Juve in an emergency that presented itself at Villa Real, in 32 seconds and pennies, he found the goal that allowed the Bianconeri to face the match according to the ideal scenario despite the difficulties that led to 1-1. In Empoli, the Bianconeri was reduced to a minimum, before the break, Denis Zakaria also had to raise the white flag, so the usual Valhović took care of pulling Juventus towards three very heavy points. So heavy that even the Scudetto, which Allegri continues to define as impossible, is now no longer experienced in the Juventus dressing room as such. After all, with Dusan Vlahovic it is right to start again to remove the word “impossible” from Juve’s vocabulary, even in the midst of such a complex and disappointing season. Before, there is now, Juventus has found with him the man who fills the area, keeps the opponent’s defense occupied, and provides a reference for the whole team on every occasion, especially scoring goals: they are 5 of 6 matches (4 and a half given that against Sassuolo in the Coppa Italia), Ronaldici numbers, in fact. TOWARD FLORENCE – And for the first time, on Wednesday night, Vlahovic will make his debut as a former Viola. Fiorentina-Juventus is on the calendar, the Coppa Italia first leg will be a special match for him in particular even if he (rightly) tries to talk about it as if it were any match. It will also be the most difficult of his entire career, but only so far: everyone is waiting for him at the gate in Florence, after choosing Juve is a mistake that Viola fans can never forgive and must be ready to play in the flames. Environment. Good test 7, but another, definitely not the last. But the pressure seems to be making Vlahovic stronger.

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