Empoli gives Roma 1-2, Dybala and Abraham Mourinho three points

Empoli gives Roma 1-2, Dybala and Abraham Mourinho three points

A deserved but painful victory. 2-1 revives Roma under Mourinho He re-launches his championship ambitions to bring him back to fourth place, just one distance from the top. In the Empoli of light Dybalagood goal author and decisive help on goal lbrahim. For the rest, the usual betting ammunition hits and misses opportunities, starting with a penalty pilgrims. For the hosts, the momentary equalizer in the first-half final is useless Bandinelli.

Mourinho and Zanetti’s choices

Mourinho finds Abraham in the lead with Pellegrini and Dybala behind him. Selek gains on the right, on the left is Spinazzola. Zanetti again relies on the Lammers-Satriano pair to attack, while the trombone keys go to Pjaca.

In the first half full of vitality, Dybala lights up Roma

The first half is fun with Empoli starting strong and Roma growing slowly but when that happens it gives opponents goosebumps: we’re only six when Dybala lights up his evening with a skew under the scale direct post hits. It’s just the beginning of an evening of the absolute Argentinian. Ten minutes passed by air Find the Advantage Network Draw the path of the dream with the left around the edge that does not give hope to Vicario. It’s 1-0 that opens the game but shakes up Empoli who starts to pull the game, putting the Giallorossi keeper in difficulty several times over. Pjaca first and the sexy pole hit by Satriano are a clear warning sign for Roma who is suffering from a push Paris On the wing (what a duel with Celik) and shrewd Satriano And the Lamers There in the foreground. However, guests do not passively wait but suggest themselves forward by creating scoring balls thanks to a genius Dybala. Right at sunset in the first part, Empoli finds the same thanks to clever and amazing Bandinelli header Who takes advantage of the Giallorossi’s defense passive on a cross from Stojanovic from the right flank.

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Shooting, how many feelings!

Healing begins in the sign of Rome with Ibanez One step away from the head On a cross with a brush stroke by Pellegrini: On the goal line, Baresi responds with a decisive intervention. The guests hold the ball in their hands but maneuver them in a very discreet manner allowing Empoli to restart quickly. Feeling of fatigue in the legs and chances of scoring are few. In the 70′ it is Satriano devours the goal of the advantage Referring to the newly entered Akpa Akpro: The striker slips a lot behind Mancini but at the most exciting kicks to the side in front of Rui Patricio. Roma trembles but after a minute finds the goal 2-1 thanks to the countless great play by Dybala who from the right brush in the area crossed the ball to kiss her. Ibrahim, good at repeating goals under measure. Shortly after the Gilorossi had the opportunity to send the challenge to the archive thanks to a Accuracy Referee Marinelli awarded her a knockout from Ibanez but on the spot Pellegrini misses the opportunity with a shot from the crossbar. Mourinho runs in search of hiding and enters first buff and then Belotti. Only newcomers have a couple of good chances that they are neutralized by Vicario’s cat reactions, and then he thinks about it Akpa Akbaru To take the scene first hit the pole With a dry conclusion from the edge then kick them out For a very difficult position on Smalling. Within nine minutes of injury time, Empoli are close to a tie Ismael Which scares Rui Patricio from the edge. Before the final whistle there is still time to see the entrance camara. Roma could celebrate an important victory but it came with a lot of suffering. Mourinho has to thank Goya again.

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Dybala, charm and hug for Zaniolo.  Abraham is there, Rome party

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Dybala, charm and hug for Zaniolo. Abraham is there, Rome party

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