Sánchez initiates payments to ERC and Junts

Sánchez initiates payments to ERC and Junts

Duel meetings

ERC The Sanchez-Aragonés meeting was announced when the focus was on the first meeting PSOEtogether In Geneva, as the appointment between the governments approached, Jordi Turol, the post-convergence Secretary General, launched another planned meeting between the Socialist leader and Puigdemont. The duel of meetings reflects the deep-rootedness of the competition for sovereignty, and the inability to integrate the three parallel dialogues at one table.

President Sánchez will be received with a desire to define his position before Juntes and to seek the concretization of the PSOE-ERC agreement on which the latter part of his term depends, to a large extent. Moncloa and the State General have not yet closed the agenda, but are already working on refining the issues to be discussed. In Palau, they plan to start reactivating the dialogue table – they did not clarify whether they will be able to close the appointment – and to define the framework within which they can obtain “individual” financing, taking into account that the agreement stipulates that in the first quarter of 2024 ‘must Forming a committee to address it, and being cited, in turn, as the Watermelon Opening Committee for the expansion of Barcelona Airport.

For Republicans, the photo itself is already a success, not just for making it a priority in their home rule run, but because it signifies the recognition in front of the cameras that the Junts still can’t boast. Aragones needs to show his ability to lead and command – especially in the face of doubts about whether he will repeat his candidacy or whether Oriol Junqueras will return to the front line if the amnesty arrives in time – and show off that the ERC negotiates between governments. And not just between parties.

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Puigdemont had his moment of glory in front of the plenary session of the European Parliament and used it to give a touch of attention to Sanchez and receive from him the gesture that he would adhere to, in a week that Catalonia had not witnessed. Made official in the EU The moral leader of the Junts needs such a sum to sell the fruits of the party’s strategic transformation, because he has not been able to make money in advance.

The post-convergence ranks celebrate the willingness of the PSOE to meet Sánchez face to face, agreeing to adapt to the pace of the socialists in this image that was not presented at the signing of the inauguration agreement. The talent of sticking to the National Progressive Party and voting with it sworks to put pressure on PSOE to pass through the penalty area, but the post-convergence team is optimistic and continues to weave collusion with both Moncloa and Ferraz.

The ERC also sees good preparation in the new Cabinet, which has already surveyed issues such as infrastructure orders and investment in the audiovisual center of the Catalonia Media City. The investment in Mossos d’Esquadra is also expected to close in the coming days.

Budget exchange

The most important part is spending the budget. The government is in a hurry to approve the Catalan accounts, and is already taking the technical extension for granted. The clash between Councilwoman Laura Villagra and Socialist Representative Alicia Romero, which extended beyond the parliamentary district, is a reflection of these pressures.

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Related news

The relationship with Madrid has become more than active, because the Republicans take it for granted without the support of sun And in Aragones, Sanchez will never say yes again. The Commons, which now lacks leadership in the Barcelona City Council, is negotiating with greater ambition and with fewer ties, embodying a red line at the Hard Rock, although so far it depends on agreement between private parties, and shows that Aragonés will have to choose. Between the socialist position and his position regarding macro projects.

Suspicions swirl around the Junts: they enter the equation, want to talk, but mistrust between the two former partners spoils the cards and the government fears they will seek delay to thwart the president’s plans. Post-convergence supporters insist that they want honest negotiations and the refinement of their demands, although they consider that if they see the agreement closed with the PSC, they will leave the table, which Republicans find difficult to justify if, like them, they end up supporting Sanchez accounts. n

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