October 3, 2022

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The United States Challenges China: Approval of the Sale of 1.1 Billion Weapons to Taiwan. Biden: “A summit with the Pacific Islands at the end of the month”

Still worrying about the Chinese president something Jinping. Only a month and a half left! XX Congress subordinate match Communist Which will give him his third term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party – the first time in the history of the People’s Republic – but Xi does not have much time to make preparations. On the other side of theThe Pacific Ocean President of the United States Atmosphere Biden Continue to defy his warnings. The UsesIn fact, with the maneuvers of the past few weeks, they have shown a growing interest in the Pacific region, where China It has a great effect. Demonstrations of interest that do not go unnoticed in Beijing that lead to comparisons More and more direct between the two powers.

Interested in Taiwan It has already been known, at least since the surprise visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy hairy On the island off the Chinese coast. violation of the principleonly chinaAccording to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the United States is interfering in the internal affairs of their country, exacerbating the atmosphere Voltage international. Tensions escalated further with the approval given by the Biden administration to sell Taiwan arms for $1.1 billion. Package Include 60 missiles anti-ship Agm-84L Harpoon Block II for 355 million and 100 missiles Joe Joe Aim-9X Block II Sidewinder for 85.6 million, plus 655.4 million for contract extension control radar.

Beijing said it would “resolutely adopt Countermeasures Legal and necessary “if the United States does not abandon the new arms sale a Taipei. But the Washington Doesn’t seem willing to mediate. This is at least reflected in the decision to announce that Joe Biden will welcome i leader subordinate carrots subordinate Pacific, What will be the first summit of this kind. Maneuver this, and put further the pressure To the dragon, intending to shrink it flu Chinese In the region and respond to the affairs of carrots Sulaiman. Indeed, on August 30, following an agreement with Beijing, the island nation banned American ships from docking at its ports.

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The third open front is the so-called front.war subordinate chip“Washington banned a nvidia And the longtwo American giants in the sector, to sell their most advanced microprocessors in Beijing, which argued: “It violates the principles of Competition free businees and rules Business international“.