From insurance to cooking, Chef Silvia brings Made-in-Italy foods to the United States

From insurance to cooking, Chef Silvia brings Made-in-Italy foods to the United States

GALLIERA VENETA – Would you leave a steady job in the bancassurance sector and a volleyball career in Serie B to pursue a passion for life and cooking? He did it ten years ago, and it all started from scratch and not without denial – let’s say – from his family and various friends, Sylvia Guidolin42 years old, from Galliera Veneta.
The challenge, first and foremost with herself, is to give her important satisfaction, as well as with the audience. Currently working in a restaurant Luxembourg And he was chosen to select and organize the cooking show in the second edition of Next exhibition In October 2023 a Los Angelesthe most important Made in Italy gallery in California. Showcasing the absolute excellence of Italian products and professionals from various sectors.


“I love America, and this opportunity was born during a trip to California that combined pleasure and business. It is a position of great honor as well as an important career opportunity – explains Chef Silvia – we will offer American professionals a full range of Italian kitchen. I select specialists for each specialty: from pizza to pasta, from meat to cakes ».
But let’s go back ten years ago. “I have always had a passion for food and its combinations. I said to myself: There is only one life, I have to do as I like. First of all, it is not easy for my family to accept it, it is understandable, and now the successes are coming and I am very happy about that – and she adds – I do not have specific studies on this subject and I must say that this has happened that has allowed me to have no preconceptions so that I can to experiment mostly. Working at Generali gave me training in public communication. I have chosen, at least for the time being, not to open up my own space, but to live different experiences. I’ve been out for six years now, and now in the signature restaurant Fanny in Luxembourg».

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Silvia Guidolin feels like a total cook who loves to do it contaminations travel recipes. “I eat fresh pasta everywhere, for me it is the best food in the world. I am developing a project to start in the United States, a country that provides entrepreneurial opportunities. Italy – as he pointed out not without regret – has the best professionals and products on the planet, but doing business is complicated ». Sylvia’s ties to her land are very strong, and she feels completely a part of it. “My work times have made me abandon the volleyball court, but when I can I can be in the stands watching a game. At least three times a year I go home to my family who share the results of so much work with me, with friends, especially those at the Hotel Pigalle in the Belvedere di Tezze where I started. They say you struggle halfway when you do the job you love,” she concluded, thinking of what awaits her in a few months, but also of the next bet, like a player ready to throw the ball over the net and score.

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