June 3, 2023

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MotoGP 2023. GP of Argentina. Aprilia Too launched in Argentina! Can he win again? Words by Maverick Viñales and Alex Espargaro – MotoGP

The two Spanish riders and the RS-GP team had a perfect day

April 1, 2023

thethe Friday In a Grand Prix it is very important to set up the bike but the results obtained are good, sometimes excellent, just for self respect, Because they don’t bring points.

They know that very well Viñales dissident And Alex Espargaro, Authors of the Argentine First Day excellent. The two exchanged positions in the sessions: Alex first in the morning, Maverick first in the afternoon.

Today Saturday is already qualifying day and race day and value This Aprilia has two riders It seems very high. Moreover, on the right track where First MotoGP win.

Will Noel’s bike be able to repeat itself? Enthusiasts hope so Alex will be single historical arc, to Mavericks From the first victory that will allow him at the same time Center another record: that of Senior pilot In the MotoGP era, to win 3 different bikes (after Suzuki and Yamaha).

Do you think they can do that?

Maverick and Alex’s words after Perfect Friday

Fifthinhale: “Said, we have to improve on small details, if we do well tomorrow and Sunday We will be there at the front“. on kazoo: “We have taken a very big step, and I am happy that Massimo (Rivola, Ed) has given me this opportunity, I can only think of riding. Manu has the same spirit as me, we want very goodOn Aprilia’s bike: “I’ve always felt like Great potential On this bike, but being up front now is another thing, thank you Aprilia.”

Alex: “Nice, me too team player And I love to see The next two Aprilias, If 41 is better! It’s very hard to bike here, it was much easier in Portimao, the feeling As if wet and dryAbout his teammate Viñales: “It is useful for him to go fast, the one who goes slowly is useless.”

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