Towards Sampdoria-Juventus: The Allegri Conference

Towards Sampdoria-Juventus: The Allegri Conference

Juventus coach: “Sampdoria is another team at home and we have to be careful. Dybala is better and can return to the Champions League”

The period leading up to the Champions League Juventus Continue from Ferraris where the match against Sampdoria By Giampaolo: “Sampdoria are at home another team – they got stuck on the eve of the match Massimiliano Allegri -. We have to be careful to continue strengthening our fourth position. The season begins: “It will be an intense week and I hope it will be fun before the break. Dybala? He’s calm, we need him.”

Words at the conference

What is the moment of the season for Juventus?
This challenge comes at a defining moment of the season, even if there are two months left of the championship. Before the break there is a busy week and hopefully a very interesting one. With Giampaolo at home, Sampdoria put in a very good performance and it won’t be easy, seeing the data as a team that handles the challenge well and will attack us. They need points for redemption and for us to finish in the top four.

Possibility to use Flahovich Trident with Kane and Morata?
I still have to decide. Fortunately, the infirmary was emptied, and De Sciglio and Alex Sandro returned with Cuadrado. If all goes well on Sunday, Chiellini will be in a group with the team he hopes to include in the Champions League by Wednesday. When you play there, everyone comes back (laughs).

Is Danilo resting?
No, he will definitely play and I think he is his 100th with Juventus. De Sciglio is available with knee issues, while Alex Sandro is fine.

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Could third place be a goal?
It is enough for us to be in the first four, then if the second, third or fourth order changes only a little. We have come from many important matches and we have to work because there is still a lot to do. Against Sampdoria, we want a positive result to continue the positive path and strengthen our position.

How is Dybala?
He is better and could be available for the Champions League like Bonucci. But let’s first think of Sampdoria, we’ll think of the others starting on Sunday.

How is Juventus mentally during this comeback and given the Champions League?
Winning in Genoa is always complicated. Sampdoria is another team at home and we expect a complicated match. The important thing is to stay in the game and be proud of your score tomorrow as well.

Did you expect Vlahovic’s mental strength? Will he rest sooner or later?
It was not easy to get to Juventus and play every three days because the physical and mental loads are different. The ball here is heavier because every ball in Juventus can make you win or lose. Doosan needs to improve the cleanliness of the game, this should be his goal in order to waste less physical energy and raise the level of technical quality more. We have to give him some time, but I am very happy with him because he sacrificed so much for the team. At the moment the whole team sacrifices itself, but in football, the score is played on a tightrope because there is always the unexpected. The team has to be good at managing it and it’s not because we hit a positive streak, we’re doing well. Calculations are finally made.

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The opponents in the foreground are nervous .. Why?
I do not perceive this tension from others. At Juventus we have to talk a little and do a lot, because there is a lot to do. The more silent we are the better, those in the foreground will be and will remain. We think about ourselves and our goals. After the break, we’ll have everyone available for the final rush of the season.

How is Dybala mentally? Where is she wrong with him?
To say that Dybala needs … is not fair. He is a man and a professional in a situation where he has to discuss contract renewal. You play, you go out on the field and do what you have to do. It is calm and peaceful. He’s working hard to get back because the team and I need Dybala, and hopefully in the Champions League.

Will Cuadrado be the owner?
Either he plays or Aki, one of them.

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