March 23, 2023

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A device was born that improves the preservation of fruits and vegetables

(ANSA) – ROME, November 5 – With the aim of extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetable products, the Blowdevice, a new preservation protocol created by the University of Basilicata, was born. The novelty was developed by “ Innovative management of table cherry and viticulture”. The project, funded by the Puglia RDP 2014-2020, “aims to analyze and test the best organic management practices to date of two of the most important crops in the Puglia region, table grapes and cherries.” Blowdevice – Notifies a note – – Applied to packaging during the stage of preparing the product for market. Technically – explained the creators – the device allows to manage the modified atmosphere inside the package and improve the metabolism of the product, thereby prolonging its freshness and improving commercial prospects. The prototype of the machine was installed at the Romanazzi company and developed as part of the project. “The project – emphasizing the managers of the new apparatus – clearly demonstrates the necessity of establishing close cooperation between the agricultural world and institutions in order to develop technologies that are environmentally and economically sustainable and that respond to the real needs of consumers who demand the market more and more with high-quality organic products.” (Dealing).

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