San Lorenzo night, where to watch the shooting stars in Florence

San Lorenzo night, where to watch the shooting stars in Florence

Florence, August 8, 2023 – August 10thwhich is a day traditionally dedicated to falling stars. This year they will see each other well, because the moon will not be full, but waning.

Shooting stars can be admired on Lorenzo’s night, but also on that night August 12th and 13th, when there are peak luminous streaks in the sky. The perfect place to admire them? In the dark, it is best to lie on the grass, relying on your eyes. No tools required, such as a telescope. All you need is plaid and a little bit of romance. So here are some tips for where to look at the stars in Florence.

Bayan DeGiolare

One thing you can do to enjoy the shooting stars is head to the hills of Florence, especially towards Bayan DeGiolarenot far from Piazzale Michelangelo, where light pollution is minimal and thus it is possible to observe them at their best.

Fiesole and Maiano quarries

Towards Fiesole there are many places to look for the stars. Take a cappuccini rise or in Scenic roads And secluded, suitable for lovers, which is located in Piazza Mino, there are many dark corners from which you can not only enjoy the view of the shooting stars, but also Stunning views. The ideal location in the area is the nearby – and well known to Florence – Mayano quarries.

meadow elm

moving forward behind FiesoleTaking Provincial Road 54 and accessing the four roads, you reach Olmo and its fame the lawn. Perfect place, dark enough to lie back and look up at the sky.

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Mount Murillo and Sircina

In the northern region of Florence, Cercina and Monte Morello are two ideal destinations, rich in vegetation – accessible by car – to find dark places Best suited for stargazing.


southwest of Florence Bellosguardo Hill It offers a breathtaking panorama, the perfect context for admiring shooting stars and make a wish.


In the municipality of Bagni a Ripoli, there is instead Fattoushiya hillnear Grassina. If you get to it before dark, there is a mandatory stop in the area, right on the slopes of the hill Fairy source Morganawhich was built by Bernardo Vecchetti between 1573 and 1574 on a spring that was on the property surrounding his villa “l Riposo”.

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