EU antitrust requires competitors to express themselves on takeover –

EU antitrust requires competitors to express themselves on takeover –

The investigation process continues on the max.Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision BlizzardWith a new initiative from European Commissionwhich stands By consulting competitors in the gaming market And invite them to comment on the process, indicating the risks and prospects that may result from it.

As Reuters reports in these hours, it appears that the EU antitrust has already issued 91-page questionnaire to various game market advocates from among producers, publishers and development teams. “We ask you to identify the partial exclusivity strategies that you believe Microsoft has the potential to build on Activision Blizzard post-acquisition,” reads the main subject of the survey.

So the 91 pages contain many questions mainly related to the possibility of Microsoft doing it exclusivity policies About Activision Blizzard’s games and how these practices may or may not negatively impact competitors.

Activision Blizzard, the game’s various characters

Among the questions, there are references to possible practices such as exclusive content on Microsoft platforms and harmful effects it could have on other consoles (a practice that, oddly enough, is regularly carried out with Call of Duty on PlayStation).

It should be noted that the survey also takes into account Nintendo among competing manufacturers, which should not be taken for granted given that regulators so far seem to focus solely on Sony, even with the CMA deliberately excluding the Nintendo Switch from taking into account its market segment for examination. .

In short, the entire questionnaire focuses on the need to collect information about ideas and impressions Several competitors about Microsoft’s possible acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Given that the impressions of other major players in the market so far, apart from Sony, do not seem negative towards the process, the survey could also result in an element in favor of Microsoft.

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Anyway, we’re waiting to see how it plays out, as we’ve seen Microsoft prepare for battle with the FTC in court, on the American front.

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