Outriders two years after its launch has yet to turn a profit

Outriders two years after its launch has yet to turn a profit

outridersthe multiplayer shooter from People Can Fly, more than two years after its release You haven’t made a profit yet.

The confirmation came from the latest financial report published by the company, relating to the last quarter ending March 31, in which it confirmed that He has not yet received royalties From Square Enix, the game’s publisher. In the same document, we also learned that the team is working on a triple-A exclusive for Microsoft.

As we know, in fact, People Can Fly will start getting profits from the Japanese company only when Outriders starts making profits, that is, the total revenue will exceed development and marketing costs, which has not yet been verified more than two years after its launch and at this point There is a risk that it will never happen.

The strange thing, as we pointed out last year, is that Square Enix reported results that exceeded expectations About to launch, an indication that ratings may have been too low or perhaps sales suffered a sudden drop right after publication and never recovered, despite post-launch support and the launch of the Worldslayer expansion last June.

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