Day 6! Bianchi nel kilometer, Zanardi and Viviani-Scartezzini medals live stream and real-time updates

Day 6!  Bianchi nel kilometer, Zanardi and Viviani-Scartezzini medals live stream and real-time updates
The last days of racing for track cycling, howeverItaly He hopes to enrich the spoils from the four medals he has won so far. Elia Bronze arrived on the fifth day Viviani He’s in the elimination race, but Veronese is also seeking glory in Madison where he’ll compete with him Michelle Scartezini. In recent years the couple Consoni-Scartzini, but the Cofidis feud is not in very good shape. While Viviani said he is in good shape and wants to try. space for Matteo Bianchi In the standing kilometer and we will also have the debut of Silvia Zanardi in the points race.

19:32 – Hoogland and Glaetzer Pass

These are the arenas that are already in the quarterfinals, and the others will have to go through in the replay.

  • Dornbach
  • Tjon En Fa
  • Awang
  • Turnbull
  • Quintero
  • Ota
  • Carlin
  • Nakano

19:27 – Cornish also in the appendix

Dornbach and Jun en Fa pass by, and Cornish is also sent back. Soon the last battery from Kirin. 19:42 hrs. Silvia Zanardi in the points race

19:22 – the third battery

Awang and Turnbull pass.

19:18 – Another “strange” result

Quintero and Ota pass by, but the cap is still for the eliminated (who will go to the stalkers): Richardson and Paul.

7.15pm – Stunning, Lafresne on replay

Jack Carlin and Shinji Nakano are the first to advance to the quarter-finals. Harry Lafresne will incredibly pass from the appendix

19:12 – the first round of kirin

Yakovlev, Nakano, Lafressen, Sarum and Karelin are looking for a place in the quarter-finals. We remind you that there are 6 courses in total, 3 of which are behind the Alderney.

19:10 – Cretan show in Italy

There are 3 medals won by cyclists on the blue track. Good loot given the 0 medals in the previous version which, however, reached good positions. However, there’s Claudia Creti to pull off the move, with a bronze and two silvers that bode well for the future. Claudia, who has been reborn thanks to cycling, is now hoping to win Olympic gold. I read here

Claudia Creti again! Silver is at zero, you regain access

18:52 – Hoogland is always gone

  • Hoogland 58″ 22 (Gold)
  • GLITZER 58″ 526 (Silver)
  • Cornice 58″ 822 (Bronze)
  • Seventh is Matteo Bianchi at 1’00” 99

18:48 – Hoagland is destroyed, gold medal

6.45pm – Glaitzer in command

First place for Glaetzer. The second Australian stopped the clock at 58′ 526. Australia would certainly fetch two medals. But now, space for Geoffrey Hoagland

18:43 – destroyed cornice

The first temporary place for the Corniche! The Australian crosses the finish line at 58″ 822 and gets a medal.. Now we need to understand the metal.

18:37 – Truman Space

Great time Truman! The Brit is the first to go under a minute tonight, recording 59’092.

18:33 – Bianchi stepped back

The first temporary position for the pole, who puts himself in front of the blue with only three thousand. Bianchi’s great last lap was confirmed.

18:30 – Matteo Bianchi’s clutch

Great closing blue, in the last 250m he went really fast: 1’00” 99 his time

18:28 – It’s Matteo Bianchi’s turn

1’00” 192 for Spain’s Martínez Choro, who, like this morning, failed to go over a minute. Now it’s Matteo Bianchi’s time

18:25 – final kilometer

This is the start list for the 1km time trial:

  • Martinez Coro Alejandro ESP
  • Bianchi Matteo Etta
  • Rajkowski Patrick Paul
  • Truman Joseph JBR
  • Dornbach Maximilian Ger
  • Thomas Os Cornish
  • Glaitzer Matthew Australia
  • Hoagland, Geoffrey Ned

3.45pm – Here are the finalists’ times

runner time
1. Jeffrey Hoagland 57 “971
2. Matthew Glatzer + 0 “601
3. Thomas Cornish + 0 “827
4. Maximilian Dornbach + 1 “420
5- Joseph Truman + 1″ 535
6- Patrick Rajkowski + 1 “918
7. Matteo Bianchi + 1 “940
8. Alejandro Martinez Choro + 2 “212

3.39pm – Bianchi in the kilometer final

With the top riders arriving, Matteo Bianchi lost some positions but finished seventh and qualified for the final.

3.37pm – Hoogland takes the lead

Glaetzer set the best time in a 58in 5, but it was immediately improved by 6-tenths. Hoogland stopped the chrono at 971”57 and posted the best time.

3.30pm – Matteo Bianchi is fifth

Matteo Bianchi is among the top five at the moment. The young blue chrono stops in a 59″ 911 to 1″ 339 from Glazer. Four contestants are missing from the appeal. Landerneau, Dornbach, Hoagland and Martinez Choro.

3.16pm – glitzers in front of everyone

58 in 572 for Glaetzer who stands in front of everyone on the last lap whoops. It will be really difficult to find time to go to the final. Doing 59 inches may not be enough.

3.07 pm – now the kilometer of dead end

2.55pm – It starts again with the quarter-finals

The women’s sprint quarter-final challenges are Finucane-Genest, Capewell-Andrews, Friedrich-Gros and Yuan-Hinze.

2.00pm – But why was Rodriguez disqualified and Bochly not?

While we wait for the seasons, let’s review what happened on Monday. The men’s heat race, Elia Viviani came third, but Bochly collected every single one. Had at least 2 accidents and it took them a while to change the bikes, wheels, etc. But why was Rodriguez disqualified the day before? Different interpretation of the Regulations by the Commissioners Arbitral Tribunal. Read what happened

Bushley, we’re not into bumper cars: He hit Hysteres and knocked Vernon

1.55pm – I’m already out of Kouamé and Grabosch

Next are Finucane (Great Britain), Capwell (Great Britain), Friedrich (Germany), Yuan (China), Heinz (Germany), Gross (France), Andrews (New Zealand) and Genst (Canada). Already out is Kouamé, a disastrous World Cup for her so far, Bayona, Mitchell and Grabosch. in 14.48 quarter-finals.

1.38pm – Haines is the big favourite

Big favourite? This is the specialty of Emma Haines who is seeking her third gold medal in the event after winning the Team Sprint, with Grabosch and Friedrich, and the 500m static. Haines missed Keiren, did not qualify for the final (New Zealander Andrews won).


Haines gets the last medal she’s lost: the 500-meter sprint gold. Relive the finish

1.30pm – We start with the sprints

The round starts from the round of 16 for the women’s sprint. However, there is no Miriam Feis who has not been able to exceed sixteen. The pairs are Finucane-Sato, Capewell-Kouamé, Friedrich-Bayona, Yuan-Clonan, Hinze-van der Wouw, Gros-Mitchell, Grabosch-Andrews, and Genest-Guo.

10.00am – Medal hopes

Matteo Bianchi: no Lavreysen and my favorite is Hoogland. For Bianchi, there was the new Italian record with the Sprint Team and now he’s trying his hand at the kilometer standing. Today’s goal is to qualify for the finals.

Silvia Zanardi: After winning it all as a junior and under-23, Silvia Zanardi is looking for her first career World Championship medal. She will try in the points race, her favorite discipline, even if there is competition between Evans, Baker, Lee Nett, Drummond and, above all, big favorite Lotte Kopecky. However, Zanardi finished second at the 2022 European Championships and knows how to act in this type of competition. We believe in it to get a place on the platform.

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Viviani Scartezini: In their history there are no medals from an international point of view, therefore, they are not favorites either for gold or for medals. However, Scartezzini has found some experience in the discipline, winning several times with Consonni, while Viviani has such good form that she wants to exploit it on the parquet. The goal will be to stay in the top five throughout the race and, why not, launch an attack in the closing stages.

9.15am – The Italians are in the race today

Matteo Bianchi: kilometers from standstill;

Silvia Zanardi: a race for points.

Elia Viviani And Michelle Scartezini: Madison.

9.00 am – the programme

Today’s session (13.30 – 15.30)

13.30: Women’s eighth sprint;

14.48: Women’s quarter sprint;

15.04: Men’s Qualification 1km from stalemate;

Evening session (18.15 – 21.30)

18.25: Men’s 1 km finals;

19.04: First round men’s keirin;

19.42: Women’s points race;

20.19: 1st round men’s keirin (extension);

In bold are the tests that award medals

Where and how to watch the World Cup in Glasgow live on TV and in a live stream

The 2023 World Circuit Cycling Championships will be broadcast live on Eurosport 1 and 2 (Sky channels 210 and 211 and on DAZN). If you don’t want to miss even a meter of this competition, you can catch up on the World Championships starting at 10:00 in the live stream on Discovery+ (Discover the offer) and GCN+ with lots of exclusive content. It will also be possible to redeem all on-demand rides on all of our platforms.

Viviani is always on the podium in the elimination: it is bronze, the third medal in a row

How much is the prize pool?

For this 2023 edition, the organizers kept the prize money from past years, with the gold medalist in the “Olympic” disciplines receiving €8,000. Non-Olympic competitions are less valuable with “only” €5,000 for the gold medalist. Here is the full prize pool.

results Olympic Not Olympic ins. there is a difference Sprint Team
1. 8000 5000 16,000 12,000
2. 4000 2500 8000 6000
3. 2000 1250 4000 3000
the total 14,000 8750 28,000 21,000

Olympic competitions: Kirin, Madison, Omnium, and Sprint;

Non-Olympic competitionsScratching, standing kilometer, individual pursuit, points race and elimination race


Filippo Gana does it! It’s a record, take back the last minute

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