Samsung Galaxy S24, we’re almost there | Design, price and release date leaked to the web

Samsung Galaxy S24, we’re almost there |  Design, price and release date leaked to the web

A few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 15, many news and images related to the Samsun Galaxy S24 are leaking onto the web.

About two weeks ago Apple introduced it to the whole world The new iPhone 15 Which has already set record numbers despite only a few days having been on the market.
SamsungOn the other hand, he does not want to stand still and it seems that everything is now ready for the release of the new model Galaxy S24 Details of which are leaking onto the web these days.

After presenting the new smartphone from Cupertino, it is only a matter of time before the Korean company provides its response, so that the eternal challenge between Apple and Samsung begins again.
It seems like it is just a matter of time since a lot of information has started leaking on the Internet regarding the new model of the “Galaxy S” line.

The Korean company launched the Samsung Galaxy S23 phone, the model currently available in the market, only last February, but users are already eager and eager to know what it is. characteristicsthe designthe price And the release date From the next model.
Here’s everything we know about S24 among the rumours, Common And a leak TRUE.

What will the Samsung S24 look like? Here’s everything leaked on the web

The first details about the Samsung Galaxy S24 have already been discussed on the web At the beginning of summerspecifically in June when the first news regarding the new smartphone model releases leaked to the web, and some specifications on Healer And details about the camera that will be installed on all phones.
But in the past few hours, the rumors have become more urgent.

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Start directly from Versionswhich was already expected in June, it has been practically confirmed that the next model will also be available in three different versions: BasicRelease Plus Finally the release Super.
A habit that Samsung has become accustomed to since version 21 and that should not change even for the upcoming Galaxy S24.

Industry experts, insiders and simple enthusiasts discussed the new Samsung Galaxy S24 at length, talking about the many details that the new smartphone from the Korean company could contain.
Information and rumors regarding designthe an offerCamera, price And the release date.

Samsung S24: the first rumors show us what the new smartphone will be like

Starting with the design of the smartphone, there has been a lot of talk about what it will look like and how different or similar it will be to the current S23 model.
According to many leakers and insiders, the new S24 model will not differ much from current smartphones: the only difference is that the S24 should be slightly Thinner And higher.
Obviously, the Ultra version is the one that will undergo the biggest changes With a design halfway between curved and flat.

Also regarding size an offer There shouldn’t be any major changes, the only confirmed information is that the Plus version It will be 6.65 inches wide compared to 6.60 on the S23 Plus.
Information related to the decision as well: according to several insiders The gap will be reduced Between the Plus and Ultra versions, moreover, even the lower-level versions will be able to switch further At speeds from 1Hz to 120Hz more easily.

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A possible render of the Samsung Galaxy S24 created by OneLeaks

Information on the internal memory of the new Samsung smartphone was also discussed: the Basic and Plus versions can already start 256GB variantwhile the Ultra version may be 1TB variant As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Moreover, always inspired by Apple smartphones, S24 can add Satellite connection.

Although the last two Samsung Galaxy models were introduced and released in February, it is the S24 version It can be submitted until January 2024 According to the latest rumours.
As for prices, there is no specific news yet, but since 2021, Samsung has never changed the cost ranges of its flagship smartphones, so the S24s should also follow the pattern: 799 euros, 999 euros And 1199 euros.

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