Polestar 4, we saw it up close

Polestar 4, we saw it up close

There is no 2 without 3 – the Polestar 4 It is the third car sold in Italy by the Swedish electric car brand owned by the Chinese giant Geely. Short (154cm long, not enough for a car Its length is 484 cm(Wide and simplified in terms of dimensions and prices)here Learn more) It's halfway between the Polestar 2 sedan and the large Polestar 3 SUV.

Similar to a coupe, without a rear window – the view Polestar 4 Winks at the coupe: The front (where sharp LEDs stand out that “split” to form a kind of inverted “Y”) is low, the roof is arched, and the short, pointed tail ends in an inverted “Y.” A hint of a spoiler, emphasized by a thin light strip that runs across the entire width. But the most original aspect isAbsence of rear window: What looks like a traditional rear-view mirror is, in fact, a screen that displays images captured by the rear camera in high resolution (mounted on the roof and not on the bumper, to avoid damage in case of “touch-ups” in parking lots).

Simplicity in power – if “Clean” style. The car's bodywork was also found inside. In wide Passenger compartment from Polestar 4, made very bright thanks to the glass roof that extends beyond the comfortable rear seats, and the switches and buttons almost completely disappear. The dashboard (divided into two levels, the lower of which seamlessly connects to the door panels) is responsive a screen 15.4-inch touchscreen display of the multimedia system, which has the Android operating system and most of the built-in functions are upgradeable “over the air”. fully digital, Dashboard It has a diameter of 10.2 inches and is integrated with a head-up display that displays key information related to the car, road signs and navigator instructions on the windshield.

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Promoting safetyA – Great attention is paid to safety: Polestar 4 It has 9 airbags and is equipped with dozens of cameras and many surrounding sensors that manage the most Advanced assistance systems Driving, from adaptive cruise control with lane keeping system (which allows the car to drive alone on the highway, always keeping your hands on the wheel), to blind spot monitoring with active steering correction, to automatic emergency braking with recognition On pedestrians and cyclists.

Two engines, two souls – As for the scope, Polestar 4 It is offered in two versions: long termdriven by a single 272 hp motor connected to the rear wheels, and a long-range all-wheel drive system, which with a current unit for each axle can count on a combined power of 544 hp and 4×4 traction. Both have one Drums from 102 kWh In direct current, yes recharge With maximum force 200 kW And promises aindependence to 610 km For the “basic” version and 580 km For the strongest. The latter adds a lot in terms of performance without costing much and can be equipped with Performance package (€4,500), which includes sports tuning and a more powerful Brembo braking system. The Polestar 4 can already be ordered in Italy with prices starting at €66,750 and deliveries are expected from August.

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