God of War Ragnarok will include armor dispatch function, it’s official – Nerd4.life

God of War Ragnarok will include armor dispatch function, it’s official – Nerd4.life

Studio Santa Monica shared a Q&A on Discord answering a series of questions from fans about God of War Ragnarok. Some users took the opportunity to ask the developers if there was anything in the game Shield dispatch function. The answer was simply “yes”.

More precisely, the question was, “Since we’re talking about armor. I like to look good, everyone in the studio knows this about me. Obviously Kratos’ priority is to wear him well. I know one of my requests for 2018 was a chance to get the stats you want, but also Give Kratos the look you want. So here’s a question from SpiritWolf and many others: Will there be an armor dispatch system? ”

The answer comes from Mihir Sheth, “Lead Combat Design for God of War Ragnarok”: “The short answer is yes. There is a way to do it…it’s in the game.” The fact that he doesn’t want to explain it further leads us to believe that it won’t be an immediately available option or that it will be some kind of functionality that will be unlocked or with certain mechanics. For now, this is just a guess, keep in mind.

Kratos wears different pieces of armor with different patterns

In case you are not sure about What is a transmitterYou should know that it is a feature that allows players to give the shield the shape they prefer while preserving the original stats. It’s something that is used a lot in role-playing games where you constantly change the character’s armor but prefer to give your hero or heroine a specific aspect. Horizon Forbidden West also has a similar functionality in some respects, as it is possible to equip any armor but activate someone else’s appearance at the same time.

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All the God of War Armor (2018) They are well made, but it is undeniable that each player has their own taste and prefer not to use some of them because they are visually disturbing. Having this system is only good.

Always talking about God of War Ragnarok, we point out that the development team shared an official message about the leaks.

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