Spain: Nightclub fire: 13 dead in the fire marina on the track and then the roof collapsed

Spain: Nightclub fire: 13 dead in the fire marina on the track and then the roof collapsed

the Flames They suddenly wrapped a Entire floor from Nightclub. After a brief period, roof. That was at dawn on Sunday At least 13 people He died in a fire that included more than one nightclub in the city of Murcia, southern Spain. In fact, the fire did not start TheatersAs it initially appeared, but from a nearby nightclub: The funda. From there, the fire spread to two adjacent rooms. However, all the victims were dancing in La Fonda, police confirmed. last four people They stayed Drunk To inhale smoke is Two women Between the ages of 22 and 25 Two legs They are between 41 and 45 years old.

The fire broke out around 6 a.m. Rescuers first had to turn off the lights Flames And then delve in The ruins Disco Tracing. There may be some among the victims friends Who were staying on Saturday night Celebrate Birthday at the club. Meanwhile, the specialized fire investigation units of the Murcia Police Command have also arrived on the scene, together with the Homicide Section: the aim is to determine Origin of fire The first hypothesis is that the reason may be: A Short circuit. Newspaper View of Murcia He writes that the fire swept quickly ground floor The nightclub and then caused the roof to collapse. There too former Which dates back to June 2009: At the time when the fire had already struck the theater and was caused by it Some cables The facade caught fire, forcing everyone present to be evacuated.

At the same time the mayor of Murcia, Jose BallistaHe declared mourning for the city for three days. The Vice President spoke on behalf of the government Yolanda Diaz“We are following with concern the news of the Murcia tragedy. My love to all those affected and my condolences to their families.”

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