An empty room, what can you do with it: the most amazing ideas to liven it up and use the space

An empty room, what can you do with it: the most amazing ideas to liven it up and use the space

Having an empty room in the house is not only inconvenient, but it is an opportunity that can be fully exploited. There are so many great ideas to use.

When buying a house or moving to a new apartment, it may happen that one room becomes extra. So, while you furnish the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, it can remain empty or end up becoming a second cupboard where you can put what you don't use. But an empty room can come alive in many different and even accessible ways Be a basic space.

A very simple example is creation Another bedroom. Its fate can be twofold: on the one hand the space ready to receive a new member of the family, and on the other hand a way to host someone and sleep. Especially for those who have distant friends or relatives, an extra room represents an opportunity Make their visits more comfortableWithout booking a hotel.

However, if your loved ones are close by and you have a large group of friends, this space may be suitable for them Convert it into a bar area. Simply provide a refrigerator, a large table, and a counter with the necessary equipment to prepare appetizers to make everyone envy. Having a room used as a bar is a luxury that few can dream of and this could soon become your favorite area in the house.

Great ideas to liven up an empty room

To save on your subscription and be able to train comfortably at home, why not Build a personal gym? with Some tools and mats An empty space can become a corner where you can train, do yoga in complete peace or play your favorite music for free. To make it complete, you can add a mirror to the wall, as in real sports facilities.

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An empty room becomes an excellent gym

Why leave an empty room when you can bring it to life as a gym? – (

Alternatively, when you have young children, you can do building as was the custom in bourgeois families Games room. With padded rugs to allow them to play on the soft fabric, a small tent to use as a secret shelter and some squishy cushions, every child's dream will come true. You can also add a small table and a pen holder filled with pencils to create an art nook.

Finally, there is a practical option that is ideal for those who often work from home Put your desk there. Even if the room is not very large, there is enough space for a desk, a comfortable chair and shelves for documents. Yes she can Consider soundproofing it If you often have to hold meetings remotely.

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