Mourinho live broadcast, follow the press conference before the live broadcast of the Roma and Monza match

Mourinho live broadcast, follow the press conference before the live broadcast of the Roma and Monza match

3.10 pm

“Real Madrid prefers Mourinho as Ancelotti’s successor”

According to Mundo DeportivoPortuguese coachending in June with Romein between The main candidates For bench Merengue. (Read everything)

3.03 pm

Roma attacks Mourinho: Three clubs are preparing offers to convince him

the Special one The focus is entirely on him Yellow and redbut with Expiration of the contract There is no shortage of Suitors. (Details here)

2.55 pm

Mourinho’s press conference ends

And it ends Press Conference Subordinate Special one On the eve of the matchOlympic Show him Rome And the Monza.

2.50 pm

Mourinho on Rabih Guerrero: “I am paying attention to all the young players”

For me, it’s early, he arrived two months ago“Yours explains.”I keep an eye on all the young guys, and obviously it won’t be any different with Julian’s son. It will always be a pleasure for them to play for Roma and open the door to the future

2.49 pm

Mourinho on N’Dika: “Holder? He hasn’t been here for the last 15 days…”

In the last 15 days, he hasn’t learned anything from us because he hasn’t been here. He played for an excellent national team that plays with four players and this is no drama anyway. Playing with different systems and different coaches can make you grow. There are players who have been here for years and make mistakes in interpretation, it’s normal for a boy who recently arrived to do that. However, in the last few matches, he played a very clean and balanced game, and played very well. In defence, when we are all together, there are 5 of us, without Kumbula. We have many games to play, and now we have Diego too. Talking about who will start is difficult, but I am already in a better position compared to Cagliari, where we had more players injured.“.

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2.47 pm

Mourinho on the betting issue: “If someone makes a mistake, he will pay”

Then the “private” adds: “I think it hurts the image of the players if they are not guilty. In this case I talked to them, and I trust them. They had enough of a relationship with me to tell me the truth. The truth could have been ugly but it wasn’t. The company trusts them too, as stated in the official press release. We are all calm. The situation will be legal later. We must wait and trust in justice, and if someone makes a mistake they will pay the price“.

2.45 pm

Mourinho on the betting issue: “With Zalewski I laugh…”

A joke from the Portuguese about the chaos that has engulfed Italian football in recent days was inevitable: “I talked to my father, and even laughed a little with Zalewski: he didn’t quite know what had happened. I am very happy when I talked to them. I’m a little sad because I was also telling them: In Portugal, they wrote on the front page that he was a Mourinho player. This means that you take a dimension that when you come to the conclusion that this is not true, the dimension of the news is always much smaller“.

2.43 pm

Mourinho: “We are better at building. As for Lukaku…”

We scored some great goals for the team: if another team had done it with another coach it would have caused a bigger stir“, attacks the Portuguese.”In terms of construction and team we are better than last year. When we are all together we are a team that is playing better than in years past. Let’s play better. Lukaku changes numbers, from a quantitative point of view, when you have players like him it changes everything. Just compare Belotti who scored zero goals last year in Serie A and this year he already has three goals“.

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2.42 pm

Mourinho: “Belotti with Lukaku tomorrow? We’re in good shape.”

I don’t want to give the team, I won’t answer youMourinho responded to a journalist.Paulo (Dybala, editor) is an important player for us, for his creativity and positioning. We have a good group of players: Belotti, Elsha, Azumon: we are in good condition“.

2.40 pm

Mourinho covers up last season’s differences: “I will not lower the level”

Last season, Palladino described the behavior of the Giallorossi’s substitutes as “scandalous.” “Your answer is like this:”I don’t want to lower the bar and I don’t want to do it by lowering that level of communication. Technically, I don’t know their coach, but they know the team. He had an excellent tournament, and once again he has a high-quality tournament, and this means that the coach is good“.

2.37 pm

Mourinho: “Llorente? He can play”

“Special about the possibility of introducing the Spanish defender from the first minute:”He can play, he’s fine. Tomorrow it will be at our disposal. Renato is still not working with the team, and I hope he can return to work with us next week“.

2.35 pm

Mourinho talks about Smalling’s condition

I’m not the ideal person to explain to you in detail. What I understood is that an injury causes pain and then it is difficult to deal with the pain, even if it is the type of injury that you have to get back on the field with the pain. He had a low capacity to support the work, he actually did some work without the team last week, and yesterday he worked with us for the first time. But we worked at low intensity, but he won’t be available tomorrow. Llorente? It will be available tomorrow. Renato and Lorenzo no, not even Kumbulla and Tammy obviously. Dybala won’t be there tomorrow

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2.32 pm

Mourinho: “We achieved three wins in a row. Over Monza…”

Is Monza having an excellent moment of performance? we too. We have achieved three wins in a row. Monza had a good tournament last year, they signed some good players, they are an excellent team and it will be a difficult match“.

2.30 pm

The beginning of Mourinho’s press conference

The Special arrives in the press room: let’s get started.

2.25 pm

Mourinho predicted in the press room

Everything is ready to go Sports Center “Fulvio Bernardini”. As for statements Special oneexpected at any moment in Press room to Trigoria.

2.20 pm

Rome, Ndika is growing. Smalling targets San Siro

to’Ivorian Grow up. With him in defense I went there Average score Instead they declined Objectives accepted. (He learns more)

2.10 pm

Belotti, Monza exam to conquer the national team

in League He made 109 goalsOn Sunday, he will play with him Lukaku For the tenth goal against the Gyalurussian. And send a signal to Spalletti. (Read everything)

2 pm

Roma and Monza on the horizon: Mourinho’s possible lineup

Choices Giallorossi coach Given the raceOlympic Against a team Palladino.

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