Sampdoria Napoli Primavera, live match

Sampdoria Spring Naples

90 + 5′ – The game ends here. Sampdoria beat Napoli 2-1 thanks to goals from Montefago and Eurogol Leonardi. In the second half, Napoli also won with a tie with Chofi. The third defeat in a row for the Azorini who are now falling once again in the rankings.

90′ + 4′ – The last chance for Napoli: Vergara enters the area and heads down from the left, behind him was Spavone alone but the striker does not serve and tries to cross that veered into a corner. From the next corner he overtakes Cioffi but Saio comes out with a high fist and takes the ball.

90′ + 2′ – Chance for Napoli: Cioffi ball in the area, Coli Saco tries a two-step header out the door, but fails to hit the ball that ends outside.

90 ‘+1’ – Samuti sent off To make a mistake far from Ambrosino.

90′ – 4 minutes of recovery granted.

90′ – Napoli Primavera coach Niccol Frostalupi was sent offto protest the ruling.

86′ – Sampdoria goal! Leonardi! Crazy goal for the 2005 edition of Sampdoria: a cross pass from the right by Pozzato, who caught Leonardi in the middle of the area that coordinates in the hemisphere and beats Bovelli. 2-1.

Sampdoria, Napoli, Primavera, Leonardi’s goal

83′ – Dangerous percussion of Di Stefano seeding opponents in the central zone, Napoli’s defense shuts down and thwarts the threat.

82′ – Ambrosino warned of a late midfield foul on an opponent.

81′ – A whirlpool of changes: Somma exits Sampdoria and enters Leonardi, injured Mané and D’Agostino exit Naples and enter Hysaj and Vergara.

80′ – Exceptional Closure for Mane! Crossing into the far corner, the blue defender is desperate for Bontempe. Mane in closing is hit by an opponent and forced to ask for a change.

78′ – Montevago’s header from inside the penalty area, the ball ends high.

74′ – Change for Sampdoria: Sebi exits and Pontembe entry.

73′ – Marchesano is also trying to develop a free kick hit by a scoop from Napoli, a ball in the area and Marchesano flies but the ball ends.

71′ – Another chance for Napoli, with Azurini who grew a lot in the second half. Marchesano arrives down from the right, crosses into the far corner with goalkeeper Sayo exiting empty but no Napoli player quick to swerve and the action fades.

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69′ – Great recovery for Mane! Still a cross pass from the right by Somma, the ball failed in the area with Costanzo to delay, Montevago stopped and is preparing to shoot with a sure shot, but Mane’s recovery who saves Napoli is Providence.

67′ – Double change for Sampdoria: outside Jeepes and Malgrida, inside Samuti and Bonavita.

64′ – Oh my God from Naples!!!! CV !!! Mane got the ball back on the opponent’s trap, and the former Barry ventured to the right and made a perfect cross from below: Cioffi comes out in the far post and does not miss his head! 1-1!

Sampdoria Napoli Primavera, Cioffi هدف goal

63′ – A double change for Napoli: Di ​​Dona and Tocafondi exit at Marchesano and Spafon.

62′ – Cioffi’s personal action focusing from the right and trying to shoot from the right: high ball.

58′ – A central punch by Ambrosino who jumps over two opponents and frees the right shot from outside the area, but the striker tries to send D’Agostino into the area but Sampdoria’s defense shuts down. The impression was that Napoli was more convinced by this recovery.

57′ – First change for Napoli: Acampa’s exit and Giannini’s entry.

52′ – The first Napoli shot on goal in this match. A free kick won by Cole Sacco on the trowels, beats Cioffi with a cross into the area where Ambrosino hits his head: however, the ball is the center of Saio saves.

50′ – Serious penalty from more than 25m hit by Chauffi, his right shot ends wide of the goal.

48′ – Napoli Primavera coach, Niccolo Frostaluppi, has been warned in protest of a yellow loss to an opponent.

47′ – An instant chance for Sampdoria and once again Pozzato to serve Montevago in the penalty area. The striker’s shot was rejected by Boveli.

45′ – The second half started

the other half

45′ + 2′ – first half ends. over there newsletter The best for Napoli is the fact that Sampdoria are only one goal ahead.

45′ + 2′ – A great percussion by D’Agostino that makes opponents jump with ball and chains 50 meters like pins, but the Yepes stop 32 of Napoli is key.

45′ – 2 minutes of recovery awarded.

44′ – Great play by Di Stefano who freed himself with a touch from Mane and tried to strike with his right from 25 metres: a fierce but loud shot.

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43′ – Try the Ambrosino penetration in the Sampdoria area, but the Sampdoria defense closes in and keeps a good goalkeeper.

42′ – Another great opportunity for Sampdoria! A cross pass from the right by Paoletti, the ball reaches Montevago who alone fails to hit the ball with his right and the movement fades.

36′ – A personal action by Buzzato burns Tocafondi and flies towards the goal and takes a left-footed shot from the edge of the area, but a central ball was saved by Bovelli.

30′ – Big close in the Costanzo area who saves on Montevago and avoids doubling the home team.

27′ – Samp is still forward. Cross the area with Di Stefano first and then Pozzato trying the shot, but the ball arrives docile in Bovelli’s arms.

26′ – So far in the middle of the pitch the hosts make the difference, as Napoli were unable to shorten and short Yepes, Sebi and Pozzato with one of the three always free.

25′ – Sampdoria returns to knock from Boveli Districts. Yeps, rising in the middle of the field, serves Malgarida who kicked from outside the penalty area but the shot is stifled and ends outside.

22′ – Malagrida also tries, Samp Akamba wing jumps and focuses from the right but kicks again with the right. The ball is in the middle and Bovelli saves it without problems.

20′ – Buffelli saves Napoli again! Jeb Pozzato Di Stefano, the striker slips between Mane and Barba and kicks hard at the near post, a diagonal jump from the Napoli goalkeeper who avoids the double. The first 20 minutes one way in this match.

19′ – Another chance for the hosts: a penalty from the trocar hit by Seppi, the ball hitting the far post with Paoletti who runs away but the ball ends.

17′ – Sampdoria is still dangerous. This time Di Stefano does everything from the left side of the field to focus and try the hard shot right, but the ball ends up high.

16′ – Great opportunity for Sampdoria! Malagrida arrives down from the right and passes cross, in the area where Yepes hits fast but Boffelli is very good at low width to avoid doubling down.

13′ – A dangerous corner kick from Sampdoria with Napoli freeing with difficulty. So far only Sampdoria is on the pitch.

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8′ – Sampdoria goal! Montevago! A long pass from Paoletti’s defense, Di Stefano in the area touches the ball with a heel that turns into an assist in a Montevago kiss: the Sampdoria striker burns Mane over time and with a light but accurate touch puts him in the net. 1-0.

6′ – Good corner kick won by Napoli with Choffi. The next corner was seriously hit with the ball reaching the area, but no blue veered quickly and took Sampdoria out.

5′ – In these first minutes, Sampdoria is trying to make the match, Napoli still aware and waiting for the right opportunity to rematch.

2′ – Sampdoria’s first initiative: Yps ball into the penalty area, but Boveli goes out expecting Sampdoria’s attackers.

1′ – Match started, beats Sampdoria.

first half

10.30 am Teams are on the field to warm up, and the match is scheduled to start at 11 am.

Sampdoria Naples Primavera
Naples Spring

Sampdoria Spring Naples, lineups

Sampdoria (3-5-2): Sayo. Migliardi, Bonfante, Paoletti; Malagrida, Sepi, Yepes, Pozzato, Soma; Montevago, Di Stefano.
Available: Tantalocchi, Villa, Samotti, Bontempi, Dolcini, Bianchi, Leonardi, Porcu, Catania, Bonavita, Vitale, Musso. Coach: Phyllis Tofano.

Naples (3-4-2-1): buffelli ; Mane, Barba, Costanzo; De Donna, Tokafunde, Cole Sacco, Acampa; D’Agostino, Chuvi; Ambrosino.
Available: Rendina, Pontillo, Hysaj, Marchisano, Spavone, Vergara, Giannini, Mercury, Pesce. Coach: Niccolo Frostaluppi.

Good morning, dear readers Naples space And welcome to the live text Sampdoria Naplesthe second day of the second round of Spring Championship 1. blue mr Frostalupe They came back from two straight defeats, which they had with Verona and Bologna, and thus regressed to 12th place in the ranking. blucerchati is the biggest surprise of the season and is currently occupying Fourth place in the rankingWith 4 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 matches.

Mr. Frostalupi must dispense with the goalkeeper, Hubert Idasiak, attached to the first team As the third goalkeeper in the European League match against Barcelona. In the List of those who have been summoned Counting Daniel Hisage After breaking the nasal septum, the central defender was born in 2004 to play will use a maskJust like Osimin.

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