ATP Next Generation Finals – Milan: Complete Schedule for Tuesday 08 November 2022. Three Blues on the Pitch

ATP Next Generation Finals – Milan: Complete Schedule for Tuesday 08 November 2022. Three Blues on the Pitch

Lorenzo Mussetti Pictured – Getty Images

The Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals kicks off on Tuesday 8 November at Allianz Cloud in Milan with Lorenzo Musetti in the “Green” group and Francesco Passaro and Matteo Arnaldi (who took over from Holger Rune) in the “Red Group”. A huge success of Italian tennis that can boast of eight players among the top 20 of the next generation in the world.

Central Court – Italian time: 14:00 (Local time: 2:00 pm)
1. [5] Jerry Lechka CZ against [8] Francesco Passaro ITA
2. [2] Lorenzo Mussetti ITA against [6] Chun Hsin Tseng TPE (not before: 15:00)
3. [9] Matteo Arnaldi ITA against [4] Brandon Nakashima United States of America (not before: 19:30)
4. [3] Jack Draper GBR against [7] Dominic Stryker SUI

green group
(9) Matteo Arnaldi ITA
(4) Nakashima, Brandon United States of America
(5) Lehika, Jerry CZ
(8) Francesco Passaro ITA

red group
(2) Mussetti, Lorenzo ITA
(3) Jack Draper GBR
(6) Zeng, Chun Hsin TPE
(7) Dominic Stryker SUI

The new rules
Change the domain for each group
Players will change sides after the first three matches and at the end of each set: all breaks will last for 90 seconds. There will be no change of team after the first match. If the set ends in a tiebreak, players switch sides without sitting before the start and after the first six points.

fire hour
The point-to-point interval will be reduced from 25 to 15 seconds if the server records the live point through ace or error, free or forced, in response, or if it makes a double-fault.

Reducing dead times will also affect the warm-up, which will last for five minutes: one for entering the field, three for dribbling, and one for getting ready to start the game.

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Training, or the right of coaches to give directions to their players, will be permitted in the same manner as is permitted on the ATP circuit from July 11. From his seat in the stands, the coach can only speak to the player when the two are on the same side of the field. Non-verbal and verbal exchanges are allowed provided they are reduced to a few words and short phrases provided that they do not interrupt the game or disturb opponents.

At the Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals, coaches will have another opportunity: they will be able to talk to their players if their opponent gets medical time or leaves the field for a toilet break.

Other innovations
Players and coaches will be able to benefit from real-time data through the TennisViz system, which will provide real-time data and analytics on the coaches’ available tablets. The coaches can consult with them in the players box and use the useful items to give signals to the tennis players during the match.

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