Juventus Market: It’s a battle with Inter Milankovic

Juventus Market: It’s a battle with Inter Milankovic

In defense, it could be another coming after Brazilian Bremer: Milinkovic always likes it. He’s dealing with the decision with Ramsay

Baron: “We would like to keep Milinkovic”
Fiorentina CEO Joe Barron is hoping Milinkovic will not leave the viola. “Rocco and I (Comiso, Ed) want him to stay, we’re a good group. But it’s not going to be easy, let’s see what happens if someone comes knocking on us saying he’s interested in him. We want him to do it. Stay. The more days go by, the better. But I can’t make guarantees,” he said at an event in Moena.

That’s the decision with Ramsey
Juventus met with Aaron Ramsey’s entourage to negotiate the termination of the contract, which expires next June.

Ranuccia on loan to Monza
Filippo Ranocchia is officially a Monza player. The midfielder arrives from Juventus on a temporary basis until 30 June 2023, with the right to choose and counter-participation.

Arrival: “We work for Morata? No news”
Leaving the Liga association, Maurizio Arrivabene, Juventus CEO, commented with relief over Bremer’s purchase: “He’s from Juventus. We’re happy with him. If it’s better for the fans to steal from Inter? It’s not a question of whether you’re going to steal it from a rival or not, but The market is open and every company is doing what they have to do. If we work to bring Morata back to Allegri? No, there is nothing new.”

CR7 can report Morata to the running court
Allegri wants at all costs to return Alvaro Morata to Juventus. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Atletico Madrid can give the green light to the Spanish striker, especially in the event that Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United arrives at Simeone Stadium. The Bianconeri hope to be able to lower the figure of 35 million that Colchoneros would like to deny the striker. From recent rumors it appears that there is room to save at least 10 million. The number 25 will be more than affordable for Juventus, who can count on the money gained from the sale of De Ligt.

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Milinkovic: Another battle with the inside
According to reports from “Il Messaggero”, after the Bremer affair, Milinkovic became the target of a new duel between Juventus and Inter. The Nerazzurri have already been in contact with the player’s entourage and with Fiorentina for a few days. But Juventus are ready to steal Milinkovic after Bremer from Inter.

PJACA-SAMP, the player is not disguised
Negotiations over the passage of Marco Biaca to Sampdoria were suspended. The player will not be completely convinced of the destination and take some time to think, the next few hours will be crucial.

From Spain: Molina Athletic Udinese Agreement
The Argentine could have ended up in the crosshairs of Juventus a few weeks ago, but Atletico del Cholo Simeone entered with more conviction. According to Spanish media, Relevo, Udinese and Atletico reached a full agreement last night to bring the winger to Spain.

Pardis, always on the right track but give up first
Juventus always refers to the manager, identified in Argentine Paredes, from PSG. The problem is that the French do not want to cut 30 million orders. The Bianconeri must first get rid of some midfielders (Arthur and Ramsey above all) to get the treasure to be able to sit at the table with the Parisians.

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