Good night with the transfer market

Another day filled with transfer market meetings and negotiations both in Serie A and Serie B as well as abroad. Below, all the news market transfer from day Thursday 23 June 2022.


It was a busy day at Juventus. First and foremost with Rafaela Pimenta, actress Paul Pogba, to specify the details of the player’s contract. Also, Juventus met Genoa for Andrea Cambiasso, midfield winger born in 2000. On the way out, there was an appointment with Parma, who is trying to acclimatize with the purchase of Luca Zanimachia, who was about to move to Cremonese; Monza also met with interest in loaning midfielder Fabio Meretti in 2003. Finally, Juventus also met with Sud Tirol, whose coach Lamberto Zolli led Juventus under the age of 23 until last year. Outgoing, Moise ken Wanted in the Prime Minister: on him Fulham and Nottingham Forest, but the player is waiting for other solutions.



Movements outside the Nerazzurri’s house. Inter met Monza for some of them Pinamonte and Sensi. For the latter, an agreement was reached between the two clubs for a dry loan: the ball is now passed to the player. Also on the way there is a double operation with Cremonese: not only Radu, in fact, but also Lucien Agomeh You should reach Alvini’s team. It is possible to close the deal next week. It also continues regarding Sebastiano’s path EspositoAnderlecht. Today was also the day of the renewal of third Nerazzurri goalkeeper Alex Cordaz, who will remain associated with the Nerazzurri colors until 2023.


very active Thiago Pintowho met today Rafaela Pimenta and Enzo Raiola to renew CalvioreThe left winger born in 2002 who should then move on loan to Salernitana, the player’s preferred destination compared to Basel. The Portuguese manager then met with Claudio Figorelli, Niccolo’s agent Zaniolo: Parties will renew themselves at the end of the market to talk about renewal. to zaki selec Del Lille, the parties are getting closer and closer, and closing is expected in 2/3 days. Pinto also met in Milan: a friendly conversation with Maldini and Massara did not mention Ziolo. Instead, passage Florenzi in the Rossoneri. outgoing Diawara There was a Schalke 04 poll.

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Big blow in attack for sporting director Acardi: Mattia is on the way the correct. An agreement was reached for the player who freed himself after his experience in Genoa. The contract will be for one year plus the option to have the following medical exams next Monday. And Razvan is getting closer and closer Marine: The Roman will come from Cagliari on loan with right of redemption. also taken berisan From Pordenone to the door.



Tomorrow is scheduled for the meeting between the agent Karnesky Atalanta will try to open a deal that must lead the goalkeeper to wear the piano.


Verona has reached an agreement on Thomas Henry, last season in Venice. For him a stressful loan of 1 million for a year of the contract. Sporting director Francesco Marrocco showed interest in the Belgian striker even a few sessions ago when he was working with Genoa. Giallobl has received a request for information regarding Cholito Simeone by Seville.


Sports Director Antonelli and Technical District Director Modesto met with Inter and Juventus. The first of these two meetings dealt with the future Pinamonte Who is this sensesin which the two clubs reached an agreement for a dry loan, while there was talk with Juventus Merity. It also matters Salvatore EspositoMidfielder, born in 2000, made his debut in the senior national team. About Gonzalo VillarOn the other hand, there is also the interest of Olympique Marseille.

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Viola takes important steps for Rolando mandrake, surpassing the Turin competition. Fiorentina’s bid for Juventus is about 10 million euros, and therefore it is slightly higher than that of the Grenade Club. As for the target instead, given the high demands from Torino for Milinkovic-Savic, Viola investigates the ground as well for Pierluigi. Gulini Atalanta.


Sporting director De Sanctis met with Cagliari again to outline the negotiations that should bring Joao Pedro to Campania. Today’s news is about progress for Lorenzo PerolaInter defender last year at Monza. The meeting between De Sanctis and the player’s agent was positive, and the meeting between the manager and Inter confirmed the Campania region’s confidence regarding the conclusion of negotiations. Tomorrow there will be a meeting between the club and Mathieu’s agent Lovato: The Campanians’ intent is to engage the Class of 2000 in the negotiations that should bring Ederson to Bergamo; Not only Lovato, because Salernitana is also interested in Caleb okoli, also from Atlanta. Interested in Zeballos2002 Boca Juniors Pavilion.



Bologna also expresses interest in Lorenzo Luca Del Pisa, where there are also Salernitana and Cremonese.


Ask Ricardo trade mark for Sassuolo.


Lecce closes Lorenzo ColomboAC Milan striker.

B . series

to me Barry Ernesto Torrigrossa is interested: a meeting between Polito and Faggiano, but Pisa plays the role of the player too. With Sampdoria there was also talk of Benedetti. Activate Turn me, who in addition to de Takeo is also close to Luca Bogdan always from Salernitana. The GenoaOn the other hand, after making Ilsanker official, he tries to take over Milan Djuric, and he expires with Salernitana, but the player is waiting for the deepening of the proposals received from the Serie A teams Sampdoria. there spal Closed in Varnier and Koutsoupias. The Cosenza Fido and Gauri treats. L ‘Ascoli Asked Nastye young talent Milan. The South Tyrol Close to Sprocati, who released himself from Parma, is close to Mazzuchi, the former Trinana striker, and Carraro. Official Cappellini Al Benevento. As Fabio Lucioni approaches the FrosinoneThe como Seri resumes, but this time with a final title and not on loan, and Rolando Maran is officially the new coach of the team Pisa.

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The Benfica He announced that he had reached an agreement with River Plate for Enzo Fernandez. the classroom Tottenham: Fabio Paratici, Tottenham’s sporting director, has taken part in several transfer market meetings in Milan. In particular, discussions were held with Rome for Joe Rodon (and there was a request for information from Zaniolo) and Sampdoria for Brian Gill.

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