Cosenza – Venice 4-2: Final score and highlights

Cosenza – Venice 4-2: Final score and highlights
  • That's it from San Vito Gigi Marola, I wish you a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.18:24

  • On the 22nd, Caserta will visit Südtirol, while the Vanoli boys will host Ternana.18:23

  • rossoblu found the success that had been missing for seven days: Totino – able to exploit every opportunity, even the most serendipitous – hero of the day, hat-trick and domestic football; The Orange Greens repeat the defensive amnesia shown against Sampdoria without being able to be equally decisive in attack. Busio and Gytkjaer are not enough, it is a station that after months costs second place in the table.18:52

  • more! Cosenza – Venice 4-2, final whistle from Volpe.18:15

  • 90'+6'

    Cross from Dembélé, Bohjanbalu's pass to Gitker, Venturi sacrifices himself with a pass.18:13

  • 90'+4'

    From a corner kick, the Rossoblu defense blocked Dembele's right-foot shot, and the Green Team approached the attack.18:12

  • 90'+4'

    Free kick from Tessmann, and a header from Gitkjaer hits a corner kick.18:11

  • 90'+3'

    Warning Frabotta, late on Dembélé.18:11

  • 90'

    Six minutes of stoppage time.18:08

  • 87'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 4-2! Goal! Jitkiar. Dembele ran from the right side, and Olivieri passed to Gitker, easily in front of goal.

    View Christian Gytkjær's player profile18:05

  • 85'

    Alternative to Cosenza. The platform is for Totino, and the presence is for Crispi.18:03

  • 84'

    Warning: Candela, interference from behind on Mazzocchi.18:02

  • 83'

    The last change in the gun. Perini's match ends, and it remains for Dembélé.18:02

  • 81'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 4-1! Totino hat-trick. The pinball machine in the orange and green area after Frabotta's shot – the ball collided between Candela and Perini – again favors Totino who fires a right-foot shot beyond Goronen.

    Take a look at Gennaro Tutino's player profile18:01

  • 80'

    Throw by Tessmann, too deep for Pohjanpalo.17:58

  • 78'

    Tessmann runs across the right flank, poorly calibrated cross.17:56

  • 76'

    Alternative to Cosenza. Kalou replaces Praszelek.17:53

  • 75'

    Volpi ignores subsequent blocked shots between Venturi and Svoboda.17:53

  • 74'

    Sverko was warned for incorrect behavior.17:52

  • 74'

    Onesie warning for unsportsmanlike conduct.17:52

  • 74'

    Totino's unsportsmanlike display, Svirko's reaction, and a fight breaks out.17:52

  • 72'

    Replace the gun. New energy on the wing: Ellertsson replaces Zampano.17:50

  • 72'

    Replace the gun. Succession in attack between Olivieri and Johnson.17:49

  • 70'

    Maras shoots from below, Mazzocchi shoots it, and Sverko lifts it for a corner kick.17:48

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  • 68'

    Mazzocchi is on the floor, and the match is stopped for a few moments.17:46

  • 66'

    Free kick missed by Perini directly on goal.17:44

  • 65'

    Venturi caution, tactical foul on Johnson.17:43

  • 63'

    Shotgun opportunity! Perini invents for Johnson who, face to face, with Mikay, shoots incredibly wide.17:41

  • 61'

    Pohjanpalu gets ahead of Bosio, Mikay loses the tackle on his way out but the rebound goes to Cimino.17:39

  • 60'

    The 22 players on the field are struggling to maintain their balance, conditions that benefit the Rossoblu at this stage.17:38

  • 58'

    Alternative to Cosenza. Caserta abandons Forte and enters Voca.17:36

  • 57'

    Zampano frees himself at the limit, putting his right foot into Mikay's arms.17:35

  • 55'

    Bosio bounces, Bohjanbalo does not find space in the area, Candela crosses, Gitkair misses the goal with his header.17:33

  • 52'

    The Green Team continues to attack, and Bohjanpalo's through ball does not pass for Gitker.17:30

  • 50'

    Johnson hits a low shot from the left, Bohjanbalo shoots from the left from an excellent position, and Mikay thanks.17:28

  • 49'

    From a corner kick, the ball reaches Zampano, holding it low on his right foot.17:27

  • 49'

    Tessmann looks to be cut into the box by Johnsen, anticipating a corner kick by Cimino.17:26

  • 48'

    A deep candle for Johnson, who lacks contact in the area.17:26

  • 47'

    Bohjanpalu tames Tessmann, his right foot deflected into the corner by Venturi.17:25

  • 46'

    Filming begins. Cosenza – Venice 3-1, Rossoblu maneuver.17:23

  • 46'

    Replace the gun. Leela does not return either, Fanoli increases the attacking weight with Jetcare.17:23

  • 46'

    Replace the gun. The altar remains in the changing rooms, in Svoboda.17:23

  • Caserta should avoid a decrease in speed and concentration. Fanoli needs to score the defensive phase and find more clarity and cohesion in the final metres.17:13

  • An intense and difficult part, a better start for the orange-greens, Venturi saves a goal already scored by Candela on the goal line, Totino opens the score with a poisonous shot with his left foot from the edge, and the Rossoblu spread out in two minutes taking advantage of the opportunity from another exciting defensive blackout from the visitors: Maras forgotten by Zampano A double from Two steps in, Totino made it 3-0 by happily turning away an off-balance right ball from Zocun. Bossio curls in a powerful right-footed shot after being set up by Johnsen, but Vanoli's side's response lacks sub-par accuracy.17:11

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  • 45'+4'

    The end of the first half. Cosenza – Venice 3-1, Maras and Totino double, Bosio reduces the difference.17:07

  • 45'+3'

    Johnson wreaks havoc in the Rossoblu zone, and Brazilek goes to the corner.17:06

  • 45'+2'

    Cosenza opportunity! Totino enters the area, Goronen blocks a shot, a puddle of water takes advantage of Frabotta, a shot is blocked by Svirko in the corner.17:07

  • 45'+1'

    Events continue, Frabotta creates space in the area, and Candela's shot is blocked.17:04

  • 45'+1'

    Powerful from 20 metres, neutralized with the right foot by Altari.17:03

  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time.17:03

  • 43'

    Volpe remembers Caserta, the excessive protests, and no card.17:01

  • 41'

    An effort from 25 meters by Tessmann wide right footed.17:00

  • 39'

    Crossed by Svirko, Kambouresi jumps higher than Pohjanbalo.16:57

  • 37'

    Maras deals with Zampano, and Volpe pardons him.16:56

  • 35'

    Another madness from Zampano in his area, Lella expects Mazzocchi in the corner.16:52

  • 34'

    Bohjanbalu vertical for Johnson, divine recovery by Maras.16:51

  • 32'

    Johnsen sent by Perini commits Mikay but the action was tainted by offside.16:50

  • 31'

    Tessmann turns the game around for Bosio, Johnsen returns the ball with his heel, and Cimino shoots it into the corner.16:52

  • 30'

    He beats Perini and Camporesi lifts it over the crossbar.16:48

  • 29'

    Johnson gets a free kick from the top left, foul by Maras.16:47

  • 26'

    Venturi rolls on the ground complaining about a foul from Pohjanpalo, and Volpi after VAR checks to validate Bosio's goal.16:45

  • 24'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 3-1! Busio network. In the area between Pohjanpalu, Perini and Johnson, Bossio fired a right shot past Mikay.

    See Gianluca Bosio's player profile16:43

  • 21'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 3-0 double from Totino. Arancioneverdi all dressed up, Forte alone in front of Joronen hitting the crossbar, and a suffocating right from Zuccon is involuntarily deflected by Tutino, dislodging Joronen.

    Take a look at Gennaro Tutino's player profile16:41

  • 19'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 2-0. Meras network. Frabotta hits from the left side, Zampano forgets about Maras, who hits the left ball from two steps, and Joronen can't do anything.

    Take a look at Manuel Maras' player profile16:38

  • 18'

    From a corner kick, header by Venturi, wide of the goal.16:36

  • 17'

    Praszelik from distance, right foot facing back, Joronen touches it safely to give a corner kick.16:35

  • 15'

    The rossoblu slow down the pace, the orange and green competing on the heavy pitch.16:35

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  • 13'

    Dangerous play from Tessmann, VAR check, no blinking red.16:32

  • 11'

    Dangerous back pass from Cimino, Mikay manages to reach before Bossio.16:29

  • 10'

    Goal! Cosenza – Venice 1-0 Totino Net. Nonsense from Zampano, Totino receives the ball from Maras and fires a shot from 20 meters with the left foot into the bottom corner.

    Take a look at Gennaro Tutino's player profile16:28

  • 9'

    Zampano triangulates in the area with Johnson and Venturi intervenes.16:27

  • 8'

    From a corner kick, Bohjanbalo rises into the area, and the ball slides down.16:26

  • 7'

    Run for Perini, Venturi stumped in the corner.16:25

  • 7'

    Crossed by Maras, Totino heads towards the middle, becoming easy prey for Goronen.16:25

  • 6'

    Totino Tunnel on Altare, Bosio expects Forte.16:24

  • 4'

    Shotgun opportunity! A cross from Zampano, a tower from Lella, a free shot from Candela, and Venturi blocks it on the goal line.16:22

  • 2'

    Forte tries to break into the penalty area, and Altari cannot be beaten, in the first corner of the match.16:20

  • 1'

    The start of the match between Cosenza and Venice, and the ball goes to the Orange Greens.16:18

  • The warm-up phases are over, and the match coached by Volpe will begin soon.15:53

  • Vanoli confirms the same starting lineup capable of scoring five goals against Sampdoria: a continuation of the Perini-Bohjanpalu-Johnsen trio.15:34

  • Caserta relies on Marras-Tutino-Mazzocchi behind the former Forte. Debut from the first minute for Frabotta on the left.16:15

  • 4-3-3 in Venice: Goronen – Candela, Altar, Sverko, Zampano – Lella, Tessmann, Bosio – Perini, Bohjanbalo, Johnsen. Attack: Bertinato, Grandi, Dembélé, Svoboda, Modulo, Ullmann, Ellertsson, Andersen, Bjarkasson, Cheryshev, Olivieri, Gitkjaer.15:16

  • Here are the lineups. Cosenza with a 4-2-3-1 plan: Mikay – Cimino, Camporesi, Venturi, Frabotta – Zucun, Brazil – Maras, Totino, Mazzocchi – Forte. Available: Marson, Lai, Rispoli, Sgarbi, Fontanarosa, Gyamfi, Dorazio, Fuca, Kalou, Viviani, Crespi.16:14

  • The Rossoblu, who are able to collect only two points in the last seven matches in the tournament, face the orange-green team, which is keen to continue its great success against Sampdoria and consolidate second place in the standings.15:37

  • In San Vito Gigi Marola, everything is ready for the Cosenza-Venice match, round 21 of Serie B.15:15

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: San Vito Gigi Marola
    City: Cosenza
    Capacity: 24,209 spectators15:15

    San Vito Gigi MarolaFonti: Getty Images
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