Cassano unleashed against Mourinho: ‘You’re poor, no one will remember you after you retire’ – – Latest news like Roma football – Interviews, photos and video

Cassano unleashed against Mourinho: ‘You’re poor, no one will remember you after you retire’ – – Latest news like Roma football – Interviews, photos and video

The former playmaker is back to have his say on Special One by venturing on Bobo TV: “As a coach, he plays obscene football. He can play snake-shamers with misfits, but not with me.”

A new chapter in question and answer between Antonio Cassano And Jose Mourinho. After the stories about Instagram Yesterday, the former footballer upped the dose again on social media in his usual championship day analysis, in this case Turin – Rome:“Nothing changes Rome He can win or lose, but football is like that Always the same. they don’t make three passes, On the seventh goal Dybala Game over. They defend very well, but they also shoot Three carriages in front of the door He does not play football like his coach does. on condition He creates this phenomenon and would like to be Guardiola, But it can’t be Not even in his dreams. And he makes Roma play like that, but he’s been doing it for 20 years.”

But most of all Cassano Then she gets into Bobo TV, and vents against it Mourinho. Starting with a Livaga question: “I can swear by what you want in an 18-year career Levaya Nor with anyone else have I ever come to blows. I’ve thrown TV at executives, I’ve fought with anyone. Because some of his rabbits were snooping around, they made him look bad.” Then the question Awards:“He rightly said I didn’t win anything at Roma, Inter or Real. I went to Roma, unlike Juventus, because football for me has always been about love, passion and fun. If I wanted to win, it was easy. He went to Juventus. Go ask Totti, De Rossi and Conte, What Cassano did for five years. He made Roma fans crazy and they love me there. He won the cup in Rome, he can win whatever he wants, but in Rome It causes chaosout of numbers obscene Make gods Disasters players who jump. I haven’t won anything at Inter and I don’t want to win anything, I’m not interested in titles, I’ve always played to entertain the fans. He won by playing obscene football, he must understand that he is a poor coach. It could be a charming snake With incompetent people, it’s a smoke seller but People are not stupid and have realized that it is rare. His kick in the heat remained 30 years ago, coach and what comes. He was lucky enough train of samples. real and blazer? Mourinho forgets something essential. In addition to the jacket, I had watches and rings, but they also called me gordito. I was fat. I was 23 but I was with Galacticos, so I was phenomenal. I don’t sell myself licking my ass, I made some disasters there, my responsibility, I never played because of me. There Mourinho was sent off for playing terrible football, and I know the people there. Just fight and trouble.”

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Cassano Connect: “with Inter against the porridge You handcuffed yourself, you worked in the cinema, you don’t know how to talk about football. I can make it clear what you want, you are not talking about football. rhinos Michaels He made history, I didn’t win anything but I can talk because I was a great footballer even if I didn’t win, but I don’t care. I played for the fans. Michaels He won 12 titles in his career and will be remembered forever. bags He changed football, won eight titles and he changed the rules of the game, not to mention guard house, of which you are You will never even be the toe of a shoe. He’s a genius, you’re bad at training. Michaels And bags They won less than you, but left the football path. When you stop, no one will disturb you, and you will be left with nothing. You will be left with nothing but chaos and doubts. You incite Fans and players against the whole world. You have never appreciated any one player. As a coach you are poor. Take an example from Spalletti Or too deserby, Who play great football. I’m glad I didn’t win anything, but I left something in my heart for all the fans. Do you know where you’ll put the trophies? I won’t tell you where. I didn’t speak ill of the man Mourinho, But I have always been critical of football. I’m not mad at him, I’m talking about football. When I see his teams I feel ashamed, I look at anti-football.”

then Cassano Concludes: “I have never been more realistic, those who ask him questions they are afraid, They kiss donkeys and stick their heads in the sand. Even those who asked him the question, They do not have personality and personality. They have nothing. In Italy, no one attacks Mourinho, if someone expresses his opinion, he eliminates him. He can’t talk to me about football. He won with great champions Always do a horrible bash. They told him shit. I’m crazy, a fool, but I’ve always been one-sided. This is my face, that you see, from the moment I am born until I die and I will always say what I think. As a man I do not know nor judge him, but As a coach it is zero. As with communication, football remained 30 years ago. do the half beatsHe’s smart, he plays three cards but not with me who comes from the street. I don’t have to pay attention to anyone, I had to do it from 0 to 18, because it was hard to live and you didn’t go on if you weren’t a son of a bitch. I’ve never been afraid of anything or anyone.”

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