Milan, Pioli: Taremi? Happy with the team I have. Lukaku is a great signing on paper, we’ll see it on the pitch first page

Milan, Pioli: Taremi?  Happy with the team I have.  Lukaku is a great signing on paper, we’ll see it on the pitch  first page

Double vigil in the house Milan: Tomorrow the Rossoneri will be back on the field, A RomeOn the last day of the summer market. Two of the many topics Stefano covers Pegs At the press conference. Here are his statements

Rome – “Every match is important and we want to play it to win. We are playing against a great team, with a great coach. They have collected less than they showed on the field, and the numbers say so. We will not be different at the Olimpico, we will always play our football, and what we want.” To do but also what the opponents on the field allow us to do. We want to give continuity to the first two victories. The more level teams you face, the less likely you are to make mistakes. We have to be dangerous, play the game and not suffer from it. It’s the last game before the break, you Need attention and focus.”

Lukaku – “Even before Lukaku, the environment in Roma is great. It’s always good to play in crowded stadiums, it doesn’t scare us, on the contrary, it motivates us. I don’t know who Mo will play but it will always be a strong team. They have good players, who are physically strong and who will fight.” “For the top positions. Lukaku is a strong player on paper, and we will see how well he moves on the field later.”

acquisitions – “We worked a lot together to prepare ourselves in the best possible way. I always insisted on a certain idea of ​​the game and gave continuity to certain field choices. Let’s talk about the important players, they are strong and smart. The whole” system works, even if there is still a lot of things to do that need to be improved. All new players are working fine. Okafor comes from injury, maybe he’s the one lagging behind, but he’s getting better. Musa and Chukwueze also had a special summer, they did it. “They don’t play friendlies, but they are in good shape and ready to play from the first minute.”

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president – “Cardinale has great charisma and personality. He wants to make the whole Milan grow, and that enthusiasm is also a motivator for us.”

defense – “With Torino we were more consistent. Tomorrow we will face a different opponent, and we have to be good at reading situations. We have prepared ourselves in the best way possible to face a dangerous opponent”.

Tarime – “I have coaches who are so capable that between yesterday and today I didn’t hear from them, because they know I’m preparing for the game. I don’t know what they’re doing. Today I’m not interested, tomorrow”. “I’m very happy and satisfied with the team I have. We’ll see tomorrow night. Krunic? For me, he’s a key player for Milan. I didn’t have any other ideas.”

cleaning The false nine? Anything is possible in football, when there are two main factors, the quality of the players and their desire to make themselves available. At the moment, I think it’s important to give the team certainty. We’ve changed a lot, between transfers and purchases we’ve changed the squad. almost”.

Champions – “We’ll be on board during the draw, let’s hope the captain gives us the news… Last year we had a great Champions League. We want to go into the Champions League this year with great motivation and enthusiasm. Being in pot three is likely to see us.” In a complex group, but that’s normal.”

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