Capital gains, Napoli defense: “Would they pay too much? If something, too little …”

Capital gains, Napoli defense: “Would they pay too much? If something, too little …”

“Now it’s worth more than $100 million,” Azuri’s lawyer told the federal court. And on society: “Using certain systems for 20 million would be kamikaze.”

On the second day of the winnings trial, after Campidelli, Juventus and Genoa, it was Napoli’s turn to defend itself against the Federation’s attorney general’s accusations before the Federal Court. For the club, a fine of 329,000 euros was sought, while bans ranged from 11 months and 5 days for Aurelio de Laurentiis to 6 months and 10 days for his wife and children Eduardo and Valentina, plus 9 months and 15 days. For Andrea Latches.


The Azzurri ended up in the Prosecutor’s Office’s camera lens for one operation, that operation with Lila that brought Ussimene to Naples and the young Carnese, Liguori, Manzi and Palmieri in France. They have all been moved with numbers offset which are considered too high according to the evaluation model established by the prosecution. And the club’s lawyer, Mattia Grassani, intervened in the hearing as follows: “Osimene did not get paid much compared to his real market value of 72 million, as the federal prosecutor claimed, in case he was paid very little, given that after 45 games he played. It is worth much more than 100 Million “. Grassani then went to the advantages of the opportunity for a healthy club like Napoli, which closed 10 of the last 17 financial statements in profits and has a voluntary reserve of 125 million euros, to use certain systems: “Resort to fictitious capital gains for 20 million. It will be kamikaze.”

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