Sale of Salernitana, eagerly end of 2021: 4 proposals are on the table, but …

Guardian marathon by videoconference on the last day to save the Italian League. There is no official contact. It seems that the most solid proposal at the moment is the US Fund proposal

The future of Salernitana is connected with an official communication regarding the possible acceptance of one of the proposals received by the trustees to acquire the shares of Salernitana by midnight on December 31, a letter normally sent to the FA which, also on the last day of 2021, was in contact Ongoing with the trustees, Susana Esgro and Paolo Bertoli.

In some cases, the trustees, who spent the day in a marathon via video, will face representatives of various groups interested in Salerno. Spectators, managers, coaches, footballers, club staff and of course the fans, all are eager to understand Salernitana’s future. The end of the year lived amid rumors and meticulous denials but also announcements of economic proposals sent in with different proposed amounts but with potential buyers united by the desire to take over Salernitana to secure a future that is still in Serie A, thus saving the Campania team from the possibility of this happening. exclusion from the tournament. At the end of the day, four more concrete proposals arrived during the day. The notary from Salerno, Roberto Orlando, was the first. Then at 2 pm, Neapolitan businessman Danilo Iervolino, founder and former president of Pegano Telematic University, offered ten million euros plus twenty million for immediate administration.

American solution?

Among the proposals received, the company that has been authorized to sell shares in Salernitana and which has been managed for the past ten years by Lotito and Mizaruma appears to be the strongest economically but also the most responsive to the stringent requirements imposed by the Millor Trust by an American fund All this in a surreal scenario With an entire city waiting to be understood, to find out the fate of Salerno. Now all that remains is to wait for the last act, that is, the decision of the trustees.

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