Cayo Jorge, abroad for 7 months! Juventus is in emergency and 8 injured: the situation

And the curse continues. At Juventus, the situation of the injured is becoming increasingly worrying, with Massimiliano Allegri counting those present (few) and absent (many). In front of Empoli, there will be 8 missing: McKinney, Caio Jorge, Dybala, Rugani, Bernardeschi, Chiellini, Alex Sandro and long-term patient Chiesa. The first two had sunk into a nightmare of severe injury in just a few hours, in the last few hours. The Brazilian striker received the worst report: Right knee patellar tendon rupture. Surgery in the next few days and out for at least 7 months, if not more. The right knee suddenly fell during the match against Juventus U-23 and the report left no room for him to go out. It gave the same feeling makiniwho actually suffered a compound fracture of the second and third metatarsal bones and will be out for two months, returning in a best-case scenario for the last four of the tournament, against rivals such as Venice, Genoa, Lazio and Fiorentina.

the others – also Alex Sandro He was injured in the match against Villarreal and after a slight injury to the soleus muscle in his left leg he will have it for at least 15-20 days. and the others? Kellini He should be back in about ten days, but for Empoli it will still be a huge emergency. Then Juventus hope to win back at least three of the first leg of the Coppa Italia against Fiorentina: Paolo DybalaDaniel Rojani and Federico Bernardeschi. But today is hope…

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