New hybrid console for Xbox and PC is on sale now

We talked about it when the project was still something like this: a project. But now the production of the Xbox Pc hybrid console has begun.

New hybrid console for Xbox and PC is now on sale – video (Image: youtube)

From Australia, came the announcement that the addon called XScreen is finally available for pre order all over the world. Italy included. And now your Xbox Series S deserves its revenge on its big brother but nowhere else in the X Series by transforming itself into a gaming PC that you can take wherever you want.

To take it wherever you want as long as there is a power outlet, of course. Because XScreen allows you to play with the console without having to connect to a TV, and without having to argue with other family members for that, but you still need a port to power the monitor and console.

XScreen, the Xbox and PC hybrid without an app

Microsoft aims and we know you to have Xbox games on anything that has a screen, and that’s the job of apps designed for smartphones and tablets (and mortally for the best performing smart TVs) that let you play while taking the console with you. He. She.

But not everyone has a tablet capable of playing games in the cloud well and this audience is the target of Australians. UpSpecGaming, The company that deals with the invention and production of unique accessories for games. A few months ago, we intercepted the news that they had in mind to produce a monitor that would integrate with the Xbox Series S to allow you to play without using the TV.

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And now news arrives from the site that production has started and that it can be done pre order. The price in dollars is 249.99, with the current exchange rate we are around 220 euros. It’s not cheap but it costs less than a TV or monitor and allows you to play even without an internet connection unlike an app.

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The reception was positive on Twitter, and what we need to ask ourselves now is if it’s even possible Microsoft He will find this accessory somewhat intrusive as Sony does when someone comes within a meter of their consoles and tries to change or add something. There should be no problems in our opinion. The screen is an add-on that does not benefit from any patent from Microsoft even if for the sake of design interest, it appears to be an official accessory so that it can have the same tone of white as the console.

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