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“I believe that every President of the Republic, at the time of his election, feels two basic needs: to strip himself of any previous affiliation and to take responsibility exclusively for the common good, and the common good as the good of each individual. You shall exercise it in its entirety until the last day of his tenure–you shall pass it intact to his successor.” Sergio Mattarella’s legacy lies in the last speech of the Italians in this sentence in which he asserted that “in a few days” his task in the Quirinale would be exhausted “as the constitution wants”. A challenging and exciting mission, which lasted for seven years, during which he emphasized: “I have never felt lonely..”. A short speech and without many other messages of politics, with the stated intention to “get out on tiptoe,” Al Cole explains, also so as not to leave a heavyweight on his successor.

Covid and Mattarella: “Wasting vaccines is an insult to those who did not receive them”

A presentation of about 15 minutes, from the studio to the Palazzina del Quirinale, with many clips dedicated to young people. The words expressing confidence in the future – “I am sure that Italy will succeed” – did not hide the many problems that still had to be faced. The president has repeatedly thanked Italians for the seriousness shown by the pandemic, and appears to have moved at times to take time off for citizens who have slowly learned to appreciate their appreciation and basic morals. Appreciation did not prevent him, not even this evening, from reasserting his belief in science and the vehement condemnation – without mentioning it at all – for the non-violent stances he called “offensive” in wasting vaccines compared to the country also many sorrows. But the public interest was inevitably focused on the political dynamics that set the stage for the complex race to elect his successor.

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Sergio Mattarella may have disappointed many with his dry rhetoric, in which he confined himself only to remembering that in about a month his mission would be finished. But he has designed an institutional and valuable framework for what the President of the Republic should be and, above all, for what he should not be or do. Above all, his past, or rather his “affiliation,” should be “striated,” as the head of state explained, in a clear allusion to the inevitable political origin of each president. This is because, a little less than a month after the meeting of the electors, he asserted that “The Constitution entrusts the Head of State with the task of representing the national unity. And this task – which I have attempted to carry out with commitment – has been facilitated by the conscience of association, which is necessary in democracy, which exists between institutions and society, and that our Constitution draws With this precision. All levels. But he cannot resist without the support of the citizens.”

Indeed, ‘loyalty and responsibility’ are essential to anyone who plays a public role which Mattarella emphasized is always in favor. Seven “demanding” years have passed but the president’s balance is positive compared to the difficulties of the times: he did not fail to thank the five heads of government he formed, namely Matteo Renzi, Paolo Gentiloni and Marta Giuseppe Conte. And of course Mario Dragons who avoided the worst. Because there is no doubt that political stability is a balm for Italy: “The governance that the institutions helped to achieve allowed the country, especially in some particularly difficult and demanding corridors, to avoid dangerous leaps in the dark.” So far not only politics, but also citizens should relax: “We are looking forward, realizing that the fate of Italy also depends on each of us. We have talked a lot about a new season of duties. We have often emphasized that difficulties arise only come out If everyone agrees to do their part fully.” Finally, the young people who represent the future. For them, the President quoted a poignant message to the students of Professor Pietro Carmina, one of the victims of the Ravanosa meltdown, and crafted a poignant message: “Use the words I have taught you to defend yourselves and defend those who do not have those words. The onlookers but the heroes of the history you live in today. Enter, Get your hands dirty, bite your life, don’t adapt, commit yourself, never give up on pursuing your goals, even the most ambitious, put on your shoulders those who can “You are the future, you are the present. Please: do not be indifferent, do not be afraid to take risks so as not to make mistakes …”.

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